Baby safety

The safety of your baby at home is very important. A fledgling toddler is curious about the world, he likes to look everywhere, visit every corner of the apartment. And this will accidentally transplant a flower in a pot on the floor to you, and this will pull off the platter lying on the table or peek into the drum of the washing machine. Perhaps you have an older child whose head is full of surprising and not always safe ideas. So that the child does not hurt himself while playing or exploring the apartment on his own, check how you can protect him from danger.

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1. An inquisitive toddler

It is quite normal for a small child to be active, lively and everywhere. Through movement and play, the toddler learns new things, gets to know the environment around him. However, parents often have a big dilemma how to keep an inquisitive toddler. They complain that they cannot let the child out of his sight for a moment because they are afraid that the toddler will hurt himself.

In every house there are many places that are dangerous for children, even when it is decorated with the presence of the youngest members in mind. Children who begin to crawl are especially vulnerable to bruises, abrasions, falls and loading a tumor. If you have such an inquisitive and mobile toddler at home, it is worth considering in advance the security measures that protect the little explorer against injuries, falls, cuts, etc.

2. Home security

Little child safety

An inquisitive toddler requires constant control and protection of all dangerous things at home ...

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In the house, first of all, protect all sharp edges and dangerous, protruding elements of home furnishings, e.g. furniture edges, frame edges, sharp corners of balusters or handrails. More and more stores offer various types of home and apartment security, useful when one of the household members is a small child. Some home protections can be purchased online and you can choose the model that suits you. There are, for example, special overlays for the corners of tables, special overlays masking electrical sockets, door and window locks that prevent a toddler from opening them, special strips protecting the edges of frames and walls, safety barriers against entering stairs, etc.

Safety during bathing is possible thanks to special anti-slip mats available in various colors and shapes, which prevent the toddler from slipping in the bath or shower. For younger children, it is worth choosing a standing bath chair with coasters sucking to the bottom of the bathtub. In turn, safety during sleep can be ensured by a system of two air-filled tubes that are placed on the sides of the bed and protect the toddler from falling.

3. Interesting solutions at home

An older child who is already starting to walk is able to reach door handles and windows. Therefore, it is good to think about a solution that will prevent a few-year-old from opening windows or doors when parents just take their toddler out of their sight for a moment. It's a good idea to put a lock that prevents your child from opening on their own. The lock is mounted on windows or balcony doors. The device allows you to safely open the window, being sure that the child will not open it wider or pinch his fingers. The toddler is thus protected against falling out of the window or going out to the balcony. There are locks in various colors on the market, so they can be matched to the interior design.

Another interesting solution is securing children's furniture, e.g. beds. It is a system of two air-filled tubes that slides into tunnels integrated with the sheet. Inflatable tubes create a safety barrier, and the entire system is a cozy, portable protection for a child's bed, protecting the toddler from falling.

4. Parental caution

A small child at home is a treasure and a great responsibility. You have to keep your eyes around your head and be vigilant. However, it is not always possible to keep an eye on the child all the time, so it is worth thinking about securing the apartment in such a way that the toddler does not hurt himself. In addition to special security products to buy for your home, it is also worth remembering about the basic safety rules.

If you have a small child, hide any extension cords in the apartment, do not place hot dishes on the edges of table tops or kitchen furniture, move the pots with flowers to higher shelves, remove the sliding sidewalks from the floor, secure the cot rungs against sticking the toddler's head into them, hide with sliding lower drawers, sharp tools, e.g. knives or scissors, and chemicals. Compliance with safety rules and the use of safeguards for door handles, drawers, electrical sockets, etc. will reduce the risk of dangerous accidents at home.

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