Insomnia and depression

If the sleep problems last for more than a month, it is said to be insomnia. This condition must be discussed with your doctor, as it can lead to chronic fatigue, body weakness and mental disorders.

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People suffering from insomnia also experience the effects of this condition during the day. Because their motivation drops, they do not have the strength and willingness to work effectively. They also find it difficult to relax. And the arrears and possible problems at work only increase stress and emotional problems. Symptoms of insomnia include: difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking up at night, waking up early and having difficulty falling back to sleep. Insomnia can be temporary, which is often associated with strong emotions experienced during the day. Sleep problems can also be associated with stress and tension.

Sleep disturbances are often a symptom of depression.

Sleep disturbances are a common symptom of depression. Unfortunately, such a condition only aggravates emotional problems and can lead to an exacerbation of the symptoms of the disease. The patient has problems with concentration and memory. There may also be tension headaches or neck pain. During the day, the patient is tired, disorganized, lacking the motivation and strength to face everyday problems.

In the professional literature, you can find the concept of masked depression, the so-called depression without depression. In this form of the disease, the only symptom of mental disorders may be problems with sleep (insomnia or excessive thirst for sleep). The typical depressive symptom of depressed mood is absent.

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Sometimes insomnia can be the result of certain medical conditions, but problems with sleep can eventually lead to depression. Chronic fatigue affects the psyche and often leads to emotional problems. A sick person can avoid friends and get angry quickly. This significantly reduces the quality of his life. The question frequently asked by patients is whether mood disorders or insomnia should be treated. The answer can only be given by a psychiatrist who, after conducting an in-depth and extremely detailed interview, will be able to determine what treatment should be undertaken. Only a specialist can order the use of sleeping pills or antidepressants. Depression tests are not able to determine the essence of sleep problems, hence a visit to a specialist is necessary. It is also the only way to recover and enjoy life.

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