Is it worth buying expensive toys?

It is certainly better to buy one more expensive and good toy than a few cheap ones that will not last a day of play. Usually, you have to pay more for quality. It is worth doing if we get a guarantee of longer use - even for several generations.

1. Dilemmas of the toy buyer

Store shelves are bending with children's gadgets and it is difficult to keep up with new hits invented wholesale by manufacturers.

It is true that every buyer will find something for their pocket. However, doubts arise when we consider what toy to buy. Is it better to buy an item that will initially cause the little one a momentary joy, and then great despair because of corruption? Or maybe rather choose something more expensive, and at the same time safe and good? The answer does not leave any illusions, although cheap toys continue to enjoy unflagging popularity.

Perhaps this is because of the belief that children get bored with toys very quickly. When buying a more expensive, good-quality one, we can be practically sure that it will be able to serve for years. The child does not like to play the same constantly, so after three days of fascination, he will put the toy back on the shelf and lose interest in it.

We must remember that for a child, especially a younger one, price is not any criterion of attractiveness. It happens that even an item for literally a few zlotys is more interesting for him than for a few dozen. Of course, it is difficult to expect prudence and good choices from a toddler. That's what adults are for.

2. It's only a few zlotys

In kiosks or stalls, we can easily find toys for a few zlotys. The purchase is often accompanied by the belief that the child will play a little and then destroy the item, so it is not worth investing in it. It is also not that all toys for a few zlotys are useless. It happens to find quite interesting and qualitative ones, but the purchase of the good ones is then rather random. Meanwhile, more expensive toys, and above all from well-known companies, are more durable, prettier and safer. Just better.

3. Price for quality

It often happens that we buy more expensive toys from well-known brands only as a gift for someone else's children. We fund cheaper ones for our kids. This is a somewhat confusing approach. After all, you cannot save on the safety of your toddler, which will be provided only by good quality toys. It is also a mistake to give the toddlers a large number of gifts. It is definitely better to teach them patience from an early age.

Giving gifts on larger occasions allows you to collect more money for the purchase, thus reaching for a toy that is more expensive and at the same time better. The child, in turn, will be aware that he will receive something really fantastic for his birthday or Christmas.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of expensive toys

The only disadvantage of expensive toys is their price, but it translates into high quality. The greater number of advantages undoubtedly convinces to such an investment. Anyone who bought a toy for a few zlotys at least once, which literally fell apart on the same day, will understand it. It will not happen when we choose products from well-known brands. Why? Because in their case, the price matches the quality. A good toy must therefore be:

  • properly made - perfectly finished,
  • durable - made of good quality material,
  • safe - free from harmful compounds.

So is it worth buying expensive toys? Definitely yes. However, it is important to exercise moderation. The child really does not need all the advertised gadgets that effectively reduce the parent's wallet. Authentic presence and closeness with the baby are more important.

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