Why shouldn't children eat in the car?

Contaminated car seat upholstery is not only a habitat of pathogens that are harmful to health, but can also damage the seat belt mechanism.

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We choose car seats for children with great care. In this regard, we follow the opinions of specialists, and we consult other parents. As it turns out, choosing a car seat is one thing, but it is also extremely important to keep it clean.

Scientists from the University of Birmingham decided to take a closer look at car seats. They took 20 child seats to their laboratory, which they examined for the presence of microorganisms.

The results confirmed the assumptions of English researchers - nearly 100 species of bacteria and fungi, including extremely dangerous bacteria, were found on most car seats. E.. coli and Sallmonella. It is almost twice as much as on the toilet!

Car seats with bacteria (123RF)

Other surfaces of the car were also contaminated - carpets, steering wheel and driver's and passenger's seats. Most of the cars also contained waste, i.e. used tissues, uneaten food scraps, empty drink bottles.

1. Eating in the car is life-threatening

A few years ago, the media informed about the tragedy that took place in Krakow. An 8-year-old boy died in a car as a result of choking on a bun.

And as the surveys conducted among parents show, the vast majority of adults give their children food and drink while driving, especially if the family has a long distance to go.

Snacks are not so much to minimize the feeling of hunger as to make the child's journey more pleasant and diversify it a bit. However, this is a very dangerous way to make your child enjoyable for a long car ride.

When a child is eating or drinking, he or she may choke, choke or choke. This risk increases when we are driving the car. Various things can happen on the road, such as the need for sudden braking.

If you choke or choke, you may need immediate help. Precious seconds will be lost if there is no second parent or guardian behind. It can be difficult to unfasten your child from the seat belts.

It is also a significant road hazard. The parent who drives the car will instinctively turn around, which could lead to an accident or hitting a pedestrian.

2. Crumbs destroy children's car seats

When a child eats while driving, it will surely seduce you in the car. Apart from the aspect of the contamination of the seat itself, crumbs falling into the fastening mechanism of the seat may damage it.

Food particles falling into the zipper of the quick harness length adjustment seem extremely dangerous. They lead to contamination of the mechanism, which results in its dysfunction. The belts loosen and elongate, so they do not fulfill their basic function.

3. How do I clean a car seat?

Keep your car in order, just like at home. Specialist upholstery washing can be done once a year, but the child's car seat should be cleaned every three months.

Many manufacturers have designed their product in such a way that it is possible to remove the cover from the frame itself. This makes washing and drying it much easier.

4. Eating while traveling with a child

Traveling with a child always takes a bit longer.It is because more frequent stops are recommended, if only so that a few-year-old can run a little, and the baby can be changed (in a hot car and constantly in the same position, it is easier to get chafing).

Therefore, it is good to plan the trip so that the children can eat and drink something while they are resting. It is worth considering the stopping places in advance, checking if there are any interesting viewpoints along the way.

You can also travel at night or before dawn, when children most often fall asleep in the car. This solution is especially good for kids who don't like driving a car, as well as for those who suffer from motion sickness.

Even the best car seat model cannot cope with the irresponsibility of a parent or guardian. Manufacturers warn against the dangers that may result from eating meals in the car.

Their elimination will significantly improve the child's comfort, but also make the safety system of the seat work properly in the event of an accident.

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