Wagarowicz's Day - how to celebrate it so as not to harm yourself?

The truant's day arouses a lot of emotions among students, teachers and parents. On that day, truancy has become a tradition, i.e. skipping classes at school. Read how this informal holiday has changed over the years.

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Traditionally, Wagarowicz's Day is celebrated on the first day of spring, i.e. on March 21. It is known that it is celebrated all over Poland and in some regions in Lithuania. However, it is difficult to clearly indicate the moment when they started to leave the school walls that day. This custom was certainly in force in the 1980s and 1990s.

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1. How to spend Wagarowicz's Day?

Until a few decades ago, truants had to face severe consequences for their absence from classes. However, there were also some teachers who understood the idea of ​​this holiday. They allowed the students to sit on the playground instead of in the classroom, or to go out together in the park or in the forest.

What legal consequences may happen to the parents of children who play truant?

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There were also class splits on Wagarowicz's Day. The students were not always in solidarity. Not everyone wanted to leave the lesson for fear of their parents' reaction or lowering the behavioral grade. In this way, part of the class stayed, hello - left school.

Currently, in the face of many problems faced by young people, teachers on Wagarowicz's Day give up teaching or organize them in such a way that they have an unconventional form. The principals also invite students of all classes to have fun together: on the first day of spring, sports competitions or school festivities with interesting competitions are organized. Trips or going to the cinema or theater are also popular. All this so that as few students as possible play truant.

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2. Wagars. Is there anything to worry about?

The vast majority of students went truant at least once in their school career. Most often he escapes from the last lesson, less often he stops for the whole day. If this happens occasionally, don't worry. It's a good idea to talk to your child and ask them why they chose to leave the class. Maybe it was just a desire to try something new, to experience an adventure, but truancy can also be an alarm signal that something disturbing is going on at school (e.g. a child is teased by peers or is unable to cope with some subject).

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A child's frequent missed lessons is the beginning of many problems. The student is behind at school, he has to make up a lot. There is also a conflict in the family. A child may expect a severe punishment, which will result in taking away privileges, e.g. playing on a computer. When your child is playing truant, it is worth intervening quickly. Contact with the tutor and school educator as well as an honest conversation with the child may help.

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