How to Maintain a Relationship?

It's been a good few years since you first met. The period of courtship, first dates, and fascination with himself is over. You can boast of a good marriage experience, but unfortunately not the quality of the relationship. A routine appeared, no time for myself, enthusiasm has cooled down, even sex is not as enjoyable as it used to be. As partners, you have become predictable for each other, you cannot surprise yourself with anything. You have to think about home, work, children, mundane matters - cleaning, washing, cooking, bills. How to find time for yourself in pursuit of tomorrow? How to Cultivate Love? How to fuel mutual infatuation with yourself? How to be still attractive to a partner? How can I stop boredom in my bedroom?

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1. Relationship quality

Unfortunately, the love and infatuation that cemented the relationship and led two people to the altar are not enough for the relationship to last and for the couple to be constantly satisfied with being with each other. Each relationship goes through the stages of development. At the beginning, intimacy, closeness and tenderness are of great importance - fascination with oneself, personality traits, interests, views, and the body. As the years go by, we know our partner like our own pocket. We can predict his reactions and moods. We are well versed in the catalog of its advantages, disadvantages, weaknesses, habits, habits, stereotypes, successes and failures. Gradually, routine creeps in.

Parents' love

Parents teach their children how to love by their behavior.

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You have to look after your relationship from the very beginning. Over time, commitment begins to play an even greater role. You have to be able to compromise, accept your partner with all your inventory items - weaknesses and advantages, constantly work on a synthesis of two different personalities, give yourself trust, respect, tolerance, not try to change your partner's character at all costs, but always start changes with yourself. It is emphasized that one of the main causes of the weakness of marriages is the lack of efforts to be constantly attractive to the spouse. The wife stops making up, walks around the house in curlers on her head, and instead of sexy underwear, she puts on stretched pajamas. The husband, in turn, instead of shaving and taking care of his condition and body shape, prefers to lie on the couch with the TV remote control, sipping another cold beer. Such a procedure will certainly not heat up the temperature in the relationship.

2. Nurturing love

It seems that the routine in a relationship is a "pimple" compared to lying, betrayal or lack of fascination and boredom in bed. Unfortunately, the decline in excitement often contributes to the search by one of the partners (and even both spouses) for alternative sources of experience and consolation in the arms of other people. How to counteract betrayal and strengthen the sense of partner-partner bond? It is not worth labeling a husband / wife as "my partner". Each of you is a separate entity and together you present a new quality. Share your views, talk honestly and communicate openly about your needs and expectations. Don't be ashamed to talk about your own feelings and emotions. Emphasize that you care a lot about yourself. It's nice to get an SMS or a note from your spouse saying: "I love you."

Support each other in difficult times. Love is devoid of selfishness. Try to look after the other person's well-being. Remember to surprise yourself with something from time to time - bring flowers or a gift without an occasion, organize a bicycle trip, go to the swimming pool, to the cinema, theater or to a gala dinner at a restaurant. Maybe you should consider preparing a meal at home with your partner? Certainly, "cooking" together is much more pleasant than the situation when a tired and frustrated wife places dinner on the table for her bitter husband. How to make the intimate sphere more attractive? Be honest about your sexual needs and fantasies. Try to change or modify the positions you love. Think about aphrodisiacs, making breakfast in bed for your partner, or using sex toys. But settle everything together. Perhaps one of you doesn't want to experiment in bed? A woman may think about buying sexy lingerie or stockings. Above all, however, be able to appreciate the closeness of a loved one and take care of your own personal development. By feeling satisfied and being happy with yourself, it will be easier for you to enjoy your relationship.

3. Strengthening the relationship

As the marriage progresses, the feeling of mutual sympathy decreases and the level of satisfaction with the marriage decreases. This is the natural stage of a relationship. There is a growing sense of limitation of personal freedom and liberty, overload with household chores, and erotic fascination decreases. Couples often choose easy solutions - breakup, separation, divorce. The feeling is gone, so it's not worth the effort. How to counteract routine in a relationship?

  • Allow yourselves to miss you.
  • Remember your moments of engagement and go back to the places you used to date.
  • Stimulate mutual erotic fascination through sexual abstinence. The best way to increase your appetite is to starve. Temporary abstinence, although unfashionable and contrary to liberal views in the field of sex, will surely effectively raise libido and mutual desire.
  • Take up joint activities, e.g. sign up for a dance course, redecorate the house together, renovate the apartment or play cards. Time spent together always brings you closer to each other.
  • Don't make your partner guess what you mean. Be clear about your own thoughts. The spouse is not a fairy and may not guess what you are currently expecting.
  • Work on communication in the relationship. Honesty is the basis. Do not generalize: "Because you always ...", "Because you never ...". Use the "I" messages.
  • Conversation is a dialogue, not two separate monologues. Hear, not just listen. Always try to get to know your partner's point of view and learn to negotiate a position.
  • Modify your attitudes towards the relationship. No pain, no gain. Do not expect idyll without showing any initiative or care for love. The conviction that this is the one, the one, increases the chances of a marriage becoming permanent. Much depends on our ideas about a happy relationship. The desire to maintain a marriage determines the motivation to take care of a partner, seek agreement and endure inconvenience.

Let us appreciate the closeness of a loved one. Maybe instead of another unpleasant word aimed at your partner, it is better to bite your tongue and hug it to your heart?

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