Which diapers for a newborn and which for an older child? What is worth knowing about them?

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Which diapers for a newborn and which for an older child? What is worth knowing about them? (Partner material)

Diapers are an important hygienic accessory for a child, so their choice cannot be accidental. A properly fitted model is functional and comfortable to wear. Depending on the toddler's weight, there are several types of diapers.

A diaper for every little one

The wide range of baby diapers often causes dilemmas when it comes to shopping, especially when it comes to young, inexperienced parents. Choosing the right size and cut, however, cannot be spontaneous and random. In order to make a good decision, it is worth knowing, first of all, what types of diapers the market offers.

There are reusable diapers, such as tetras, cotton or wraps, as well as disposable diapers, more common for everyday use due to the comfort of wearing, functionality and convenience during replacement. Thanks to innovative solutions, diapers of this type are flexible, durable, airy, absorbent and safe for the baby's skin. They are also often equipped with moisture detectors and signal their caregivers when they need to change.

Nappies for babies and older children are divided according to the weight of the baby. Its value determines the size, which is usually marked with a number on the packaging. Symbol "0", "1" or "newborn" are intended for newborns up to 5-6 kg and are suitable for a hospital layette. Their characteristic features are a highly efficient cartridge and a navel cut. Consecutive weight numbers are suitable for babies. It is worth remembering that the weight groups of children usually overlap, so there is no rigid frame as to the size of diapers. Both a child weighing 5 kg may feel comfortable wearing diapers "1" (5-6 kg) and "2" (4-9 kg). Divisions of this type grow with the child's development, and their styles often change in order to adequately protect the toddler while walking and playing, and ensure functionality and comfort during the period of de-napping and pottying. At this stage, diaper pants are the most practical solution.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing diapers?

A good disposable diaper for a baby is distinguished by a set of features that make it comfortable and safe to wear, and easy to replace. First of all, a properly selected diaper leaves no traces on the skin. Redness, itching or corns are a clear signal to replace the size with a larger one. When observing disturbing symptoms, the type of material used in the manufacture of the diaper should also be considered. A good quality product is hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation, and is also certified for reliability. Apart from the certificates, the subjective feelings of the parents are also important. The material from which the diaper is made should be pleasant to the touch, it should not tear or break. A good diaper is also absorbent. It is especially important that the liquid content of the diaper is quickly absorbed, insulated from the skin and does not spill out. To protect your toddler from chafing, it is worth looking for models that are characterized by breathability. Air circulation is ensured by, among others moisture management and breathable fabric.

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