Antidepressants for insomnia

Insomnia is a very dangerous ailment. People suffering from it become depressed, have thoughts of suicide and work worse. The most common causes of sleep disorders are stress and traumatic life events. People struggling with this problem most often reach for various types of pharmaceuticals. Sleeping pills help you fall asleep, but cannot eliminate the cause of the problem.

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1. Get a good night's sleep

Proper sleep consists of several phases. The first is the so-called drowsiness phase followed by the relaxation and rest phase. After about sixty minutes, deep sleep begins and then goes into REM sleep. In healthy people, they repeat cyclically during the whole sleep. However, in people who have problems with insomnia, this process is disturbed.

Sleep consists of several phases (123RF)

2. Drugs and insomnia

As a rule, doctors prescribe antidepressants or sleeping pills in case of insomnia. However, this does not always bring the desired result. There is no reliable evidence that the use of antidepressants is an effective treatment for insomnia. Depression very often accompanies sleep disorders, but is not always the cause, but rather the effect. The effectiveness of the therapy is determined primarily by a well-established diagnosis.

Unfortunately, proper diagnosis based on a medical history is often very difficult. Therefore, doctors prefer to prescribe antidepressants, which are cheaper and less addictive than strong benzodiazepine hypnotics. Correct diagnosis is especially difficult for people who are addicted to alcohol or other intoxicants.

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3. Cognitive therapy

Fortunately, there are alternative treatments. Patients are not condemned only to pharmacotherapy. One such form of treatment is cognitive therapy, which is based on adherence to sleep hygiene. Very often, bad habits are the cause of the problem. These include, among others going to bed late or watching TV just before falling asleep. That is why you should take care of a positive mood and eat healthy food.

Cognitive therapy may be an independent form of treatment or a supplement to pharmacotherapy. It is very effective and does not expose patients to side effects, as is the case with sleeping medications. Unfortunately, people who take such preparations for a long time quite often complain of fatigue, headaches, nausea and restless sleep.

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