Marta Glik published photos from the baptism of Valentina's daughter. What a beautiful family!

Marta and Kamil Glik baptized their daughter Valentina. We can find out what the ceremony looked like from the photos that the Polish footballer's wife put on her Instagram account. It was exceptionally festive, family-friendly and simply beautiful!

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1. Baptism in the Glik family

Marta Glik gave birth to her daughter Valentina three months ago. The baby's christening took place a month ago in June, but only now the athlete's wife has decided to publish photos of the ceremony.

Many beautiful photos appeared on Marta Glik's Instagram, in which the entire family of the couple appeared. There are aunts, uncles, grandfathers and cousins, but most of all Valentina's mother and godfather.

Marta and Kamil Glik baptized their daughter Valentina (Instagram)

2. Heavenly atmosphere

- The great day of our Angel - there is a caption under one of the photos with a huge cake in the lead role.

There is a family atmosphere full of joy in the atmospheric photographs. This mood quickly spread to the fans of Marta and Kamil Glik.

- Beautiful family - commented one of the followers, looking at photos from Valentina's christening. "But sweet, lovely daughters, and you are exceptional as always," added someone else. - The greatest treasure is the family - sums up the author of the next comment.

Marta Glik holds her daughter in an embrace (Instagram)

3. Baptism styling - white is always a good choice!

Many Instagram fans reacted positively not only to the photos of the Glik family, but also to the stylization of the beautiful mother. Choosing an outfit for the baptism of her own child is a dream for many newly minted moms. Marta Glik's styling is a bull's eye and can be a great starting point.

What did Marta Glik choose? The footballer's wife has opted for the recently fashionable white, which is willingly chosen by mothers for the baptism of a child. In this case, white reigned in the stylizations of the whole family, adding to the whole celebration angelic character.

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4. Lace decorations

The star of Marta Glik's styling was a dress with a jacket-like top and a rather deep V-shaped neckline. Lace epaulettes were certainly an interesting element of the outfit. I have to admit I'm not a fan of them, but I understand the idea. Certainly, Marta Glik, choosing lace details, wanted to refer to the stylization of little Valentina.

Photogenic Glik family (Instagram)

5. Mom and her daughters

Regardless, both the ladies - both mom and daughter - looked really beautiful! Just like the older daughter of the couple, who - it must be admitted - is extremely photogenic! Happy birthday to the whole family!

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