My wife is depressed - how can I help her?

Women fulfill many responsibilities in our society. It is very often the case that they are struggling with several times more burdens than a man. They try to cope with all their responsibilities at all costs. Sometimes everything is too much for them and depression appears. It is a civilization disease that can catch anyone. Nobody is surprised by depression in adolescents, men and women. That is why it is worth knowing its symptoms and treatment methods.

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1. What are the symptoms of depression?

The symptoms of depression are getting better and better known. The disease itself is also becoming better known and easier to diagnose. Everyone can develop depression, but it is most common among women. It can affect any of them, regardless of their social status, education and professional position. The causes of depression are not yet fully understood. One can only attempt to indicate risk groups that are at risk of developing the disease. Women's depression is becoming more common. People talk about it more and more and thus they get used to it. Depression in teenagers or men is not surprising either. It is a mental disorder whose main symptoms are: depressed mood, decrease in physical activity, poor self-esteem, low self-esteem, passivity, inability to perform simple activities, * apathy. Depression is a very serious condition that should be treated absolutely as it can lead to serious psychological complications.

2. Women and depression

Depression in women is very common. Women who think that they are unable to cope with the roles imposed on them are particularly exposed to it. A woman who thinks that she is not good as a wife, mother or employee often becomes depressed. If left untreated, the disorder can even lead to thoughts of suicide. A woman struggling with depression is unable to carry out her daily duties. As a result, he becomes even more apathetic. Considers herself worthless, sees her life as hopeless, feels useless. He isolates himself from everyone. By its action, it makes the depression worsen. In some cases, this disorder leads to thoughts of suicide, as the woman thinks everyone will be better off when she takes her own life.

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3. Partner help

The partner's help is extremely important in the process of diagnosing and treating depression in women. It is on him that the need to support the sick person rests. A husband whose wife is depressed should make every effort to make the woman feel better. The spouse must know that he has support in his partner, that it is extremely important and necessary for him. Sometimes it is enough just to get interested in your wife's problems and help her solve them. Occasionally it may be necessary to make a decision about professional treatment. Depression needs to be treated. Sometimes the only solution is to consult a psychiatrist. It is important that your partner is also involved in the treatment prescribed by your doctor. A depressed wife must not be left alone with her problems. It must know who it can rely on and who is its support.

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A woman who has support in her husband will decide to start treatment sooner and will recover. By guaranteeing the right conditions for recovery, depression is treated much faster. Sometimes it is also necessary to help in carrying out daily duties. It is the partner who should relieve his wife who is struggling with depression. However, she must remember not to treat her like a child and not do everything for her. Help - yes, help - no.

4. Support in the partner

Women who were depressed but relied on a partner recovered much faster. The presence of a partner is extremely important and helpful. A husband should be understanding and understand the essence of the disease in order to be able to help effectively. It is very important to self-esteem women. The one that feels important, special, valuable, heals faster. It is also important for a woman to know that she can count on her husband, that he cares about her health. In the process of treating depression, it is extremely important for the patient to build self-esteem. As a result, he will recover faster. The care of a sick woman is her husband's job. By showing that she is special and important, a person suffering from depression will recover much faster.

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