Natural care during pregnancy. Ingredients that will take care of the skin of the expectant mother

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Dryness, irritation, stretch marks - pregnancy is a difficult time for the skin, so it is important to care for it with special care. It is worth remembering that not all products available in drugstores are suitable for expectant mothers. We advise which ingredients will take care of the skin in a safe way and will keep it firm and beautiful.

The skin during pregnancy requires special attention. Under the influence of hormones, her needs change rapidly - she becomes dry, sensitive and prone to allergies. Weight gain causes the skin to lose its firmness, and stretch marks may appear on individual parts of the body. Although changes in the appearance of the skin during pregnancy are completely natural, many women worry whether their body will regain its shape after giving birth. Properly selected care plays a key role, and it is worth using it at an early stage.

1. What happens to the skin of the expectant mother?

Pregnancy causes many changes in a woman's body, and this also affects the condition and appearance of the skin. The perpetrators of this revolution are primarily hormones which, as we have already mentioned, make the skin of future mothers dry and much more prone to allergies and irritations. Sometimes there are also acne, discoloration and pigmentation changes, which are caused by the increased amount of estrogen in the blood.The appearance and condition of the skin of pregnant women is also influenced by weight gain and enlarging belly and breasts. Stretch marks, i.e. scars caused by rupture of elastin and collagen fibers, can be seen on stretched skin, and cellulite - unevenly distributed lumps of fatty tissue that forms folds and unevenness under the skin - often appears under the influence of rapid weight gain.

2. Safe care - what is it?

In order for the skin to recover quickly after childbirth, it is worth taking care of it throughout pregnancy. Remember, however, that not all cosmetics are suitable for expectant mothers. Pregnant women should avoid products containing mineral oils, synthetic flavors and dyes, paraffin, emulsifiers, silicones, parabens, antioxidants, retinoids, salicylates and other harmful ingredients that could irritate the skin or adversely affect the health of the baby. During pregnancy, you should also give up specialized anti-acne and anti-aging treatments, because they may cause developmental disorders of the fetus.

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The healthiest solution is to use cosmetics based on natural ingredients that gently care for sensitive skin without the risk of allergies and irritation, and are completely safe for the health of mother and baby.

3. Natural ingredients that the skin of future mothers will love

The skin of pregnant women needs gentle and effective care that will moisturize and nourish dry epidermis, soothe irritations, firm the skin and increase its elasticity, as well as protect it against the harmful effects of external factors. These are natural and safe ingredients that will effectively take care of the skin condition of future mothers.

Vegetable butters - provide the skin with an appropriate level of hydration and lubrication, provide it with valuable nutrients, soothe irritations and support the regeneration of the epidermis. The most effective for mothers-to-be is cocoa butter and shea butter, including in Palmer's Stretch Mark Care Balm. Both ingredients have a firming effect, increase skin elasticity, prevent stretch marks and protect against cellulite.

Natural vegetable oils - contain valuable antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids that regenerate the skin, ensure its elasticity and protect against moisture loss. Argan oil contained, for example, in Palmer's Concentrated Anti-Stretch Marks Cream, firms, strengthens and nourishes the epidermis, reducing the risk of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Vitamin E - it is called the vitamin of youth for a reason. Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals and harmful external factors, as well as ensures its elasticity and prevents signs of aging. We can find vitamin E, among others in Palmer's Soothing Olives for Pregnant Women. The cosmetic not only firms, but also moisturizes, smoothes and soothes dry, itchy epidermis, and the lecithin contained in it prolongs the effect of soft, silky-smooth skin.

Collagen and elastin - these are the basic proteins that are part of the connective tissue of the skin. Thanks to them, it is elastic, resilient and properly moisturized. This reliable duo perfectly firms the epidermis, slows down the aging processes of cells and evens out the skin tone. Collagen and elastin can be found, for example, in Palmer's Firming Breast Cream. These ingredients are part of the patented Bio-C-Elaste ™ formula which provides the skin with a visible firming and smoothing effect.

Coenzyme Q10 - an invaluable substance for skin that lacks firmness. It is responsible for cell regeneration, prevents hypoxia and delays the aging process, and thanks to its antioxidant properties, it restores the skin's smoothness and elasticity. Firming lotion with coenzyme Q10 by Palmer's not only makes the skin elastic and smooth, but also cares for its proper hydration, nourishment and softness thanks to its rich formula, which also includes: cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, collagen, elastin, ginseng ginseng and chamomile extract.

Plant extracts - they are a real wealth of vitamins and microelements that the skin needs to function properly and delight with a healthy glow. Cosmetics for the care of pregnant women by Palmer's include, among others Asiatic Pennywort extract, which prevents damage to the skin tissue, preventing scars and stretch marks. This plant can be found in the formulation of the Stretch Mark Care Balm, as well as in the Palmer's Anti Stretch Marks Body Butter.

The material was created in collaboration with Palmer's

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