Baby and colors, or what colors will interest the baby?

Pediatricians agree that the first six months of a child's life is a very important time for the proper development of vision. That is why it is so important to properly stimulate this sense by providing the baby with the right stimuli.

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1. How does a newborn baby see?

The eyes of a newborn baby are sensitive because so far the toddler has only been in the dark. With the passage of time, the development of the brain and consciousness, the work of the visual organ also improves. The newborn is color blind and all images have blurred outlines. That is why it is so important to choose toys for your toddler that match his vision and cognitive skills.

2. What colors should you choose toys in?

The most appropriate choice will be items whose design includes color combinations supporting the development of visual maturity. Clearly marked contours, simple shapes and patterns, as well as enlarged sizes are recommended for infants.

Contrasting toys, such as black and white books with illustrations of simple objects, are a popular product. It is very important not to overdo it with the number and intensity of colors.

Every parent should be aware that their child's nervous system is not fully developed yet, so it is easy to overstimulate the baby. Too many stimuli adversely affect the baby, which may cause him to cry more and become hyperactive.

An example of a toy that combines several elements influencing cognitive skills is the activating apple. It is in the form of a booklet with each page in a different color. The set of colors is properly selected to provide positive stimuli for the organ of vision without overburdening it.

The colors are arranged on the basis of contrast - for example: white and purple. In addition, each page of the book is a different type of material - the toddler can check how it feels: rough, shiny or soft.

A mirror hidden on one side, in which the baby's face is reflected, will surely be a surprise. Two teethers are additionally attached to the booklet - a butterfly and a snail. The activating apple has a special hook, thanks to which it can be attached to a pram, for example, which will surely make every walk pleasant.

Therefore, the right choice will be a black and white ball, which may interest a little explorer more than a multicolored teddy bear. In addition to the coloring itself, the place where we put the toy is very important. Although the eyeball is developed, its individual parts are not yet adapted to the precise perception of the image. A good solution is to hang the music box on the side of the crib, not in front of the toddler's eyes. Parents often make the mistake of buying brightly colored toys that the child cannot see clearly.

The immature cerebral cortex cannot cope with a large amount of visual stimuli, so the toy should not only be made of materials that are interesting in terms of texture, but also have the right colors.

The fulfillment of all these conditions guarantees not only the development of visual analysis skills, but also tactile sensitivity and auditory attention. A good toy, properly selected for the cognitive abilities and age of the toddler, will develop his perceptiveness and curiosity from the first days of his life. Therefore, the purchase should be thoughtful so that the child gets full satisfaction from discovering new elements of the world that surrounds them.

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