Amazing birth. Two mothers gave birth to triplets in the same hospital within 24 hours

Twins are born once in 85 births, but triplets are still rare - it is estimated that they are born once in 7,000 births. births. An extraordinary event happened at Ulster Hospital Maternity. Triplets were born there twice, less than 24 hours apart.

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1. Triplets were born twice in a row in one hospital

In Northern Ireland, at Ulster Hospital Maternity in Dundonald, two mothers consecutively gave birth to triplets. It was less than a day before the children appeared in the world.

Brendan and Kirsty McMenamin became the happy parents of a daughter and two boys. Little Zoey weighs 1.8 kg and her brothers are slightly larger. Brody weighs 2.13 kg and Cameron 2.26 kg.

Within 24 hours, the children of Claire and Johnny "the Donaghadee Stewarts" were born in the same facility. Their triplets are all daughters: Libby, Evie and Annie. The two bigger girls weigh 2.3 kg and the smallest Annie less than 2 kg.

All babies are in good health, but due to their premature birth and low body weight, they have to spend a few more weeks in hospital. Such a pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy, so mums were looked after by specialists several weeks before the expected delivery.

Multiple pregnancies are terminated earlier than in mothers expecting one child. The due date depends on how many babies the womb gets too tight. The more babies are born, the sooner a caesarean section is needed.

A spokesman for the hospital admitted that these are not the first triplets born there.

Every year in Great Britain, a triplet pregnancy that ends in childbirth occurs about 200 times. Never before in one facility had triplets born in such a short time.

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