Nursing pillows

The nursing pillows are a type of special pillows that are designed to relieve the mother's hands a bit while feeding. They are also good for back painful after pregnancy and strained during infancy. In addition, they make it easier to put the baby in the correct feeding position, which avoids problems with feeding an infant or a newborn. It also prevents sore nipples from becoming a problem if your baby sucks poorly.

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1. What do baby feeding pillows look like and how do they work?

Pillows for breastfeeding babies or a bottle are usually U-shaped. The various models are suitable for mothers who are breastfeeding twins, for mothers who are bottle-feeding or for breastfeeding mothers, thanks to small changes. The most typical breastfeeding pillows are ordinary, though slightly harder than normal, U-shaped pillows.

The nursing pillow is wrapped around the waist, so it helps to hold the baby to the breast or the bottle. The child is supported a little higher and more stable than on the hands. The mother does not have to hold the child in the air, thanks to the pillow her shoulders rest. The pillow wrapped around the waist helps to maintain a natural upright posture while feeding. This is very important for mums who complain of lower back pain (i.e. most) after pregnancy and after having a baby. The pillow not only stabilizes the mother's and baby's body, but also makes it easier to position properly for feeding. It can also be used as a support for a lying child.

2. Other types of nursing pads

Other shapes of the nursing pillow are:

  • the shape of a "watermelon quarter" - this is another type of breastfeeding pillow, the simplest in shape and use, not for lifting the baby, but for lifting the breast - such a pillow is placed under the breast, so choose the right size for it;
  • rectangular shape (still with the edges slightly hugging the woman's waist);
  • rectangular shape with a cushion to attach to the pillow and raise the baby's head for feeding.

More rectangular baby feeding pillows are most often placed on the lap, not sticking to the waist in any way. So it's good to sit comfortably with your back propped up. These pillows with more rounded edges hug the waist and often have special hooks. They allow you to feed, for example, in a sitting position "in Turkish".

There are also special pillows for feeding twins. They are larger and adapted to support two children at the same time.

Additional "gadgets" are, for example, pockets on the surface of a pillow, which serve as storage for useful items. Another useful function of the pillow may be its stable fastening. As a result, it supports the mother's back and arms without moving around. It is also good to have a waterproof cover or a spare cover, so that while one is being washed, the pillow can still be used. Pillowcases should be hypoallergenic so that the child does not become allergic.

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