This is what a mother looks like right after giving birth

The photo Lacey Barratt decided to make public is shocking. It captures not only the mother holding the newborn, but also the emotions that accompany a woman right after giving birth.

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Lacey Barratt's face expresses pain and fatigue. It does not show admiration, love. On her social media profile, the woman wrote: "There was no attachment there. It was as if someone had put a baby in my arms. When I look at it, I don't feel any warmth."

1. Loneliness concerns all mothers

Lacey Barratt with a newborn baby

And although the photo may be shocking, because the first moments of motherhood are considered particularly sublime, the woman has not been criticized. Her courage was praised in the comments. Young mothers wrote that many of them feel lonely. Photography encouraged them because it showed that they are not alone with their problem.

Lacey Barratt is a mother of five children. All of them have been born in the last five years. Subsequent births left their mark on her. And the woman is not afraid to talk about it either. She admits that when she looks at this photo, she has the impression that she is fit for nothing else but for bearing children.

The woman did not plan to share her emotions with the world at all. She was convinced by the words of a friend who was delighted with photography.

Lacey Barratt with a newborn baby

Lacey Barratt therefore decided to make her maternity certificate public. Show that a woman has the right to sadness, tears and guilt. Showing weakness is not a bad thing, on the contrary - it allows you to deal with fear and free yourself from negative emotions.

This is not the first shocking photo of Lacey Barratt. On women's social profiles, you can find photos documenting childbirth and breastfeeding. Their author is praised for their authenticity and the ability to show the truth.

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