Non-contact thermometer - how it works, advantages and disadvantages

The non-contact thermometer is a good alternative to a mercury thermometer that has already been discontinued. A child, when measuring the temperature with a normal thermometer, turns and it is difficult for him to stay in one position for so long. This is why the measurement is often wrong, so the non-contact thermometer is very good at measuring temperature for children.

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1. Non-contact thermometer - how it works

The non-contact thermometer senses waves of infrared radiation. The non-contact thermometer works after pointing it at a specific surface, e.g. the forehead. The higher the temperature, the greater the infrared radiation; this is how the non-contact thermometer reads it.

The non-contact thermometer is easier to use

2. Non-contact thermometer - advantages

The non-contact thermometer certainly has many advantages. One of them is the short time of temperature measurement and the accuracy of the measured temperature. Due to the fact that the measurement time is very short, if the temperature is bothering us, we can measure it several times for a more accurate result to be sure. We measure the temperature from a distance, we don't touch the body, so we don't have to disinfect it every time. The big advantage of the non-contact thermometer is the fact that it has a measurement memory, thanks to which we can check what temperature our child had yesterday during the illness. The non-contact thermometer also allows us to measure not only the body. We can use it to measure the temperature of the water or the temperature of the baby's milk. Thanks to such possibilities, it is a very useful thing, especially with small children. Due to the fact that measuring the temperature with a non-contact thermometer takes a very short time, we can measure the temperature of a very anxious child.

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3. Non-contact thermometer - disadvantages

A non-contact thermometer, like everything else, apart from many advantages, also has disadvantages. Although the non-contact thermometer is quite accurate, it will not check the temperature down to one line. It will be a more generalized notation. The non-contact thermometer is also quite expensive. You can buy it from 100 to even several hundred zlotys depending on the manufacturer and the year of production.

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