Coronavirus in Poland. "In schools and kindergartens, the absurd follows the absurd," say the parents

When Daniel once again brought breakfast from school, his mother asked why. "The lady said that if I want to eat breakfast, I have to go to the playground, because I cannot take off my masks at school. It was raining, what should I do? There can be only 20 people in the canteen". The woman is outraged and calls the whole situation "covid absurdity". It's hard to disagree with her, remembering that there are more and more of them, and almost every parent has an absurd story to tell.

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1. Apparent distance

There are more and more sick people, people in quarantine and victims of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, schools, kindergartens and nurseries continue to function normally as the situation develops. However, they are subject to a number of restrictions that must be respected. It turns out, however, that not everywhere is connected with logic.

- I have two daughters. They go to the same kindergarten. When I go with the younger one, the older one cannot enter the cloakroom and waits at the door until the kindergarten employee takes the younger one. When that happens, I go get the older one. They cannot meet in the cloakroom, even though they see each other at home - says Katarzyna, laughing at the same time. She herself does not know how to react to such situations.

And she is not the only one. Beata from Lublin reports that in her son's kindergarten, children from particular groups also cannot have contact with each other. - The problem is that some of these children meet on duty after hours. 15. And this is, after all, with the teacher on duty, who previously worked with other children. They can mix there already? - Beata asks.

The situation is similar in primary schools. "At my son's school, all first grades have their own part of the corridor during breaks, so as not to meet, and after lessons everyone sees each other in the common room" - Aleksandra writes on Facebook.

According to some schools' guidelines, children should not bring in or take out of institutions. - Of course, we are talking about chestnuts, birthday candies or drawings, because they have to bring textbooks and notebooks. No viruses on them? - asks Ewa.

2. Candies in quarantine

One of the recommendations of the Department of Health and Safety is that children should not bring any items from home to school or kindergarten. This also includes candies that children gave out to their friends on their birthdays. All toys and cuddly toys are also forbidden.

- In my son's kindergarten, candies have to go through a two-day quarantine. Then, apparently, there is less risk of infection. Strange, because recently children have been asked to bring an apple for a kindergarten party. The fruit did not have to be quarantined - laughs Honorata. Julia confirms that the same prohibition applies to the school her son attends. - It's good that they don't have to quarantine their sandwiches - he comments. - And someone tests these candies somehow after this isolation? Do they provide UV lamps or does the Department of Health and Safety come and take samples? - Krzysztof asks.

- I do not know what the logical justification is, but you cannot bring change shoes to our school. The children had to fool around in the shoes they came to school in all day - writes Magdalena. She is echoed by several parents whose children still wear shoes at kindergarten.

3. Confusion with the masks

There is also a lot of absurdity about wearing masks. In many schools, they are compulsory in the hallways, but in classrooms children are exempt from wearing them. However, there are institutions where students still have to put on masks.

- At my daughter's school, the child may approach the teacher during the lesson only wearing a mask, the teacher does not use a mask during the lesson. A walks up to each of the children. Where's the logic here? Ewelina wonders.

Sebastian adds that his son spends every computer science lesson in disposable gloves so as not to touch the keyboard with his fingers. Why? Because it cannot be disinfected - describes the man.

- My son is 15 years old, he is in the first class of technical school. 8 lessons a day, each one must wear a mask, breaks - wear a mask. I can eat either in the canteen with a limited number of people or ... on the playground. When he told me about it, it boiled over me! I was dialing the management number to get used to them! What are they thinking ?! But my son stopped me. He said it was a pity to be nervous. It just rained this week so he didn't eat. It's going to snow soon and what? They're gonna build an igloo to eat lunch ?! - Kasia is outraged.

In kindergartens and schools, the absurd follows the absurd. And although most of the solutions were probably introduced in good faith and to prevent the spread of the virus, many of them are not logical. Such as, for example, a ban on taking pictures together in class so that children do not stand next to each other. Instead, the students were put in a line without keeping a distance and each was photographed separately.

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