Getting up early can reduce the risk of breast cancer

We have good news for early risers. Scientists have found that getting up early helps reduce the risk of breast cancer. The risk increases in typical owls, i.e. people who go to bed late and wake up late. How do scientists explain this relationship?

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1. Getting up in the morning and the risk of developing breast cancer

Comparing people who go to bed early and get up in the morning with those who go to bed early and then sleep longer is as old as the world. Scientists are studying the impact of such behaviors on the human body.

This time, they found a relationship between sleep time and the risk of developing cancer, including breast cancer. Several previous studies have shown that melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep, protects cells against cancer.

A study of 100 women found that people who sleep more than eight hours have a higher risk of cancer. Research shows that 1 in 100 surveyed women who go to bed early and wake up early will not get sick.

2. The influence of melatonin on the risk of developing breast cancer

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. It is called the "sleep hormone" or "dark hormone". Responsible for regulating the circadian sleep-wake cycle. In people who like to go to bed late, melatonin production may be impaired by being exposed to light for longer.

According to scientists, disrupting the natural circadian rhythm can adversely affect our body and increase the risk of cancer. At this stage, however, it cannot be clearly stated that our preferences regarding sleep time actually increase the risk of developing the disease.

Experts point out that more research is needed and it would be a mistake to tell women that going to bed early and getting up early will keep them healthy and protect them from disease. However, it may turn out that in doing so, they reduce the risk.

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