Cravings in pregnancy

When you get up in the morning you can hear birds singing, you can see the rays of the sun penetrating through the curtains. From the kitchen, you can hear the sound of a beloved man bustling about, preparing breakfast and coffee. An indisputably beautiful moment changes dramatically when the aroma of coffee approaches us, which instead of a pleasant feeling made us sick ... Perhaps this unusual reaction suggests that it is high time to do a pregnancy test.

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1. The first weeks of pregnancy

More than one mother began to suspect that she was in a blessed state in a similar way, and many girls had to explain to others that the fact of eating a kilogram of pickled cucumbers does not herald conception. From mouth to mouth, stories of desperate pregnant women chase their partners on frosty, snowy nights from their warm homes in search of chocolate ice cream and herring, without which they will not be able to find peace.

It is tempting for the inexperienced to ignore all these anecdotes, but pregnancy cravings are a fact, though not all women. They usually appear at the beginning of pregnancy and usually last until the end of the first trimester. They take the form of a sudden unrestrained desire for something or, on the contrary, a strong aversion to a given taste or smell. They often cause sudden changes in the eating habits of a pregnant woman.

Their occurrence is explained by the most common "hormone storm" affecting the sense of taste and smell, as well as deficiencies in certain minerals in the future mother's body. British studies indicate a greater intensity of this phenomenon now than 100 years ago, among others due to the greater availability of a variety of food products.

2. Diet during pregnancy

Most women have a dilemma about succumbing to whims, which is a very problematic issue. The answer to the arising doubts depends primarily on the type of needs. If the sight, smell or taste of a product puts you off, forcing yourself to eat it is definitely not advisable. However, certain things like meat should not be completely excluded from your diet. It is worth preparing a dish that camouflages its presence at least a little. If this method does not work, find another source of protein after consulting your doctor. In the opposite situation, when pregnant women feel like eating a product not recommended in this state, e.g. tartare, it is worth making sure that its consumption will not harm your health. Women who have not had toxoplasmosis before should not eat raw meat.

On the other hand, aversion to coffee, strong tea or alcohol should not be combated. The lack of these substances in the diet should improve the condition and health of both mother and baby. If, on the other hand, during pregnancy there is a greater attraction to the above drinks, it is worth consuming them in limited amounts, of course with the exception of alcohol, which is absolutely forbidden to drink during pregnancy.

3. Desire for sweets during pregnancy

In a situation where you feel an increased need to eat sweets, it is worth choosing those that have the most valuable ingredients. These include, among others: dark chocolate, homemade cake, fruit sorbets, dried and fresh fruit. It is worth remembering that an excess of sweets during pregnancy may contribute to an increase in sugar levels, which in turn may lead to uncontrolled weight gain or serious diseases. Pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes are advised not to eat sweets.

4. Strange pregnancy cravings

Sometimes pregnant women have an appetite for various unconventional products. It happens, for example, that a pregnant woman wants to eat chalk. This may indicate a lack of calcium in her body. In this case, the resulting deficit should be supplemented with food products that will not endanger the health of the woman. On the other hand, the constant craving for sauerkraut or cucumbers may suggest a lack of vitamin C. The demand for magnesium may, in turn, manifest itself in an attraction to chocolate. However, contrary to superstition, sour or sweet tastes are not a reliable indicator of whether a boy or a girl will be born.

Even if pregnancy cravings are frequent and strong, they should not be taken as an excuse to consume unhealthy foods. Before eating unhealthy things, think about a valuable, natural substitute or focus on other activities, such as walking or visiting a friend. However, this does not mean that a pregnant woman should feel hungry. This should absolutely not be allowed to happen. However, you should choose those products whose consumption will improve the health and well-being of the pregnant woman.

A well-balanced diet and exercise will ensure your baby's perfect development. The effect of proper nutrition is better well-being during pregnancy and less pregnancy problems, especially in the last trimester. In addition, women who took care of their diet recover more quickly after giving birth.

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