Cereal dumplings with plums for a toddler - a proven idea for every mother

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If your baby is already eager to eat fruit and vegetables, the next important step in expanding the diet is introducing him to the taste of cereals. In the second half of their life, their various varieties play an important role in supporting the proper development of a toddler. It happens that diversifying a child's diet with cereal products can be a challenge for parents. Then the perfect way to encourage your baby to try cereals is to give him an original dish with a valuable porridge in the lead role.

Even in early childhood, cereal products play an important role in a baby's daily menu. They are a source of valuable energy, minerals and vitamins that support the proper development of the digestive system, immune system and metabolism. Getting to know the taste of various cereals is also an important step towards shaping the toddler's proper eating habits.

A great idea to diversify the infant's menu are porridges intended especially for the youngest, i.e. with age indication on the packaging, such as BoboVita PORTION OF CEREALS. These are delicate milk-grain meals that contain up to 7 types of various cereals, grown in controlled fields for the sake of their proper quality. Such porridges are characterized not only by a delicious taste, but above all 0% added sugar, 0% preservatives, 0% colorings and 0% flavor enhancers (they contain naturally occurring sugars derived from cereals, fruits and milk; in accordance with the law).

Do you know that they can be given to a toddler in a non-obvious edition? Explore the tasty recipe with their use.

Cereal plum dumplings for babies after 10 months of age To prepare 1 serving (8-10 pieces) you will need:

• 40 g of milk semolina after 4 months of age,

• 30 ml of water for dough preparation and 300 ml for steaming,

• 5 g of butter,

• 10 g of potato starch,

• 1 yolk,

• 40 g of fruit puree in a jar of dried plums after 4 months of age.

Boil about 300 ml of water in a pot, then place a glass bowl on it. Pour the water into the bowl and add the butter - wait for the ingredients to combine, then add the porridge and mix quickly. Take it from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes. Pour potato starch and yolk into the resulting mass, and then combine everything (manually or with a mixer) into a homogeneous mass. If the dough sticks, add a little porridge, and if it is too dry - add a little water. Divide the mass into several parts, crush each of them into a circle, and place a teaspoon of plum puree in the center. Stick the ends together, form a ball and drop them into boiling water - cook for a few minutes from the moment they float. Ready!

Important information: It is recommended to continue breastfeeding while introducing complementary foods. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as desired by mother and baby. Breastfeeding is best for your baby.

Press release by Bobo Vita

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