Organize your child's free time. Free attractions for children in Warsaw's Hulakula

Workshops and events organized especially for children are an item that regularly appears in the calendar of the Hulakula Center in Warsaw located at ul. Jagiellońska 82B. The space that this place has at its disposal gives endless arrangement possibilities, and attractions such as playgrounds, bowling and billiards are completely safe for children of all ages. Importantly, Hulakula regularly hosts free attractions. Check out the article below to see what's going to happen in the near future!

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  1. Dancing Sunday at Hulakula Sunday is the perfect day to charge your battery with positive energy. How about Zumba's family activities? Dance promotes a healthy lifestyle in children and their parents, and teaches respect, teamwork, responsibility and trust. Zumba in Hulakula is intended for both younger and older enthusiasts of energetic Latin rhythms. During one-hour classes with professional teachers, you will learn simple choreography and improve your condition in a pleasant way. Zumba for young and old will take place: • March 29, at 11.00 a.m. • April 26, at 11.00 a.m.

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  1. Dancing animations Do you feel that you have a lot of energy left after Zumba? Create a family team and take part in dancing games and activities in Hulakula. The organizers have planned, among others, dance battles, games with a scarf, dance arrangements for children versus parents, creating original choreographies and, above all, competitions with prizes. The dance animation takes place right after Zumba's classes: • March 29, at 12.15 • April 26, at 12.15

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  1. A series of interactive theaters in Hulakula On March 22, at 11.00, at the Hulakula Entertainment Center, a series of original, free performances for children with the participation of the Katarynka Theater, which creates a theater with passion and commitment, focuses on quality, knowing that children are very demanding audiences. Once a month, from March to June, musicals will be presented that develop children's imaginations, shape positive social behavior, promote life values, and convey various educational issues. After the performance, the children will meet the actors, receive coloring pages with fairy-tale characters, to record the moral and share their experiences with their parents.
    Dates and titles of performances: • March 22, at 11.00 Polar Adventure • on April 19, at 11.00 Princess Rosa and Klimek • May 17, at 11.00 In the City Jungle • June 14, at 11.00 Sea Stories Place: Hulakula Entertainowe Centrum Miasta, Jagiellonska 82b, main hall.

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