5 foods that you can eat after the expiration date

Food waste is an increasingly common problem. Each year, tons of food that is still fit for consumption end up in the garbage cans. Only in Poland it is approx. 9 tons. Most often, we throw away products that have expired. Not all of them have to end up in the trash right away.

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1. Food waste

Food waste is a global problem. It is especially visible right after Christmas. In a shopping spree, we buy a lot of products, prepare a few or a dozen dishes, some of which later ends up in the trash.

Thanks to various social campaigns, we have the opportunity to give surplus meals to people in need, but we do not always have the time and willingness to use this option. How can food waste be reduced? It is good to know which products can be eaten after the expiry date.

2. Exceeding the expiration date - eggs

If we buy eggs in a store, there is an expiry date on the carton or shell. Usually eggs have a relatively short shelf life. However, this does not mean that they are automatically unfit for consumption after that date.

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If there are "out of date" "eggs in our refrigerator, we can perform a simple freshness test.

Place the egg in a glass with water. If it remains at the bottom, it is fit for consumption. If it is lining up vertically and flowing to the top, it is better to throw it away. The shell protects the inside of the egg from spoiling. It happens that eggs are fit for consumption, even if they exceed the expiry date by several days.

3. Exceeding the expiry date - bread

Bread stored in appropriate conditions may be fit for consumption even for 5 days "after the date" set by the expiry date.

Bread should be stored at room temperature. If you keep it in the refrigerator, it will turn brown faster and will be unpalatable. We can store frozen loaves for up to several months.

When is bread unfit for consumption? Then when mold appears on it. It is not enough to cut off the moldy piece as the spores may have spread throughout the product. Unfortunately, such a loaf has to be thrown away.

4. Expiry date exceeded - milk

In the case of milk, it is very easy to check whether it is fit for consumption after the expiry date. Broken milk has a sour smell and is very unpalatable. The more fat the milk, the faster it goes bad.

5. Exceeding the expiry date - potatoes

Potatoes stored properly have a very long shelf life. The problem comes when they start to sprout. If there is a shoot on the potato tuber, we can cut it back. Sprouting potatoes can be less palatable because the shoot takes away the nutritional value of the tuber.

However, if the potato is still firm and tough after cutting the sprouts, it can be successfully cooked or prepared in other ways.

6. Expiry date - chicken breast

When it comes to raw, prepackaged meat, we should adhere to the use-by date. If we have refrigerated poultry, we may add a maximum of one day to this date.

Batteries develop on raw meat, which can be dangerous to humans. If we buy meat in a store, we should use it as soon as possible. If we miss the use by date, we will have to throw them away. Eating such meat threatens not only with a stomach revolution, but also with serious intestinal problems.

We cannot serve expired meat to animals!

It is no coincidence that the manufacturers use the use-by date. This is a sign that the product consumed before that date will maintain the best quality parameters. If we store food in the right conditions, it is sometimes possible to exceed this date.

It is not recommended to administer the products after the deadline (even if there are no signs of deterioration) to people with stomach problems, the elderly, as well as pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children.

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