5 things a psychopath does in a conversation. Pay attention to it

People with psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies can often make a good first impression. They manipulate the environment in such a way as to obtain benefits for themselves. You can recognize such a person by the way he conducts a conversation.

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1. He reveals his secrets

People with narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies like to attract the attention of others. They are happy to share their secrets and details from life, which are usually reserved for their loved ones. In this way, they want to shorten the distance between themselves and the interlocutor, and also create a certain type of bond. After some time, the interlocutor has the impression that he knows the psychopath well, which makes him more susceptible to manipulation.

2. He only talks about himself

People with psychopathic or narcissistic tendencies like to talk about themselves very much. They do not ask questions, are not interested in the interlocutor's opinion, and usually do not allow him to speak. The psychopath treats the interlocutor only as a listener, he does not want to establish a partner conversation.

It may also happen that he will pretend to be interested and ask questions. However, they have one goal - to learn as much as possible about the interlocutor in order to use it at the right time.

3. He gets lost in details

When talking to a psychopath, you may get the feeling that the same story is being told in a different way every time. He often presents himself in superlatives, even if in reality it wasn't exactly what he says. People with psychopathic tendencies use lies to achieve their goals, but it also happens that they lie for no reason. If we catch them speaking untruths, they react with aggression and anger.

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4. It is confusing

Another behavior during the conversation that should be a warning to us is embarrassing the interlocutor. Seemingly careless and simple conversation can suddenly take a strange turn and make the other person feel uncomfortable. The statement "" what is it like to be the only educated person in this room? "" Is not meant to compliment your interlocutor, but merely to embarrass him and elicit a specific response from other people.

5. Expects your gratitude

People with narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies are focused on themselves and on their feelings. During the conversation, they expect attention to be focused on them, and the interlocutor will even feel grateful that the psychopath devotes his time and attention to him. It is easy to manipulate the interlocutor in this way. The punishment for the interlocutor may be an open reluctance to talk by the psychopath. Over time, the list of expectations may increase, and the psychopath will slowly subjugate the interlocutor.

At the beginning of the conversation, it is difficult to say what type of interlocutor you are dealing with, so be alert to all signals.

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