5 ways to make preschoolers unforgettable holidays

The magic of Christmas is shared by everyone, but only the little ones who still believe in Santa Claus experience Christmas so intensely. It is an important time for them, after which the most beautiful memories remain. Make them unique!

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Do you remember Christmas from your childhood? That time of impatient anticipation and joy from each day that brought you closer to Christmas? Building the atmosphere starts long before the first star! Every Christmas exhibition, kneading gingerbread for aging or decorating a house make the closer to December 24, the more the Christmas spirit is felt. Here are some suggestions that will make the pre-Christmas time magical and unforgettable for preschoolers!

1. Create your own Advent Calendar

It is difficult for young children to understand the passage of time. A few weeks until Christmas seems like an eternity. If you want to limit the number of questions "Mom, when is Santa coming?" to several, instead of several dozen a day, consider preparing an advent calendar. The previously popular chocolate calendars, which you probably remember from your childhood, are a thing of the past. Today, the most popular are home-made calendars! It's easier than you think!

It is enough to prepare 24 small gifts. These can be sweets or other things that will please your baby. A colored hair eraser, a pencil sharpener with a favorite motif, a rubber ball, a set of crayons - you know best what your preschooler likes! And they really don't have to be expensive gifts. Pack them nicely and number them. You can hang them on Christmas tree twigs or try another, more time-consuming solution.

Advent calendar can be attached to a string with clips, it can be in the form of boxes, bags, envelopes. The most important thing is the joy of waiting and unwrapping gifts every day. Sounds good? Give it a try!

2. Bake gingerbread cookies

A must-see December attraction! Book at least two evenings. One day, knead the dough and prepare aromatic cookies in various shapes. Try to look for molds on the Internet that will allow you to easily cut shapes of your favorite animals and child's characters. Minions, sharks, dinosaurs or gingerbread princesses will be perfect!

Once the cookies have cooled down, you can start decorating. It usually takes even longer, but how much fun! Try different colored icings, sprinkles and small candies - colored ones are great buttons for snowmen, and red ones are great for reindeer noses!

3. Make your own Christmas decorations

An idea for the next few evenings - a Christmas tree handicraft workshop. Chains made of colored paper, hangings made of salt, paper or modeling clay, candies on strings are just a few of the endlessly long list of ideas for what you can do together and what can then be hung on the Christmas tree. The more rainbow and colorful the better!

The satisfaction of a child looking at a Christmas tree decorated with his little works of art - priceless. And a lot of emotions after many years, when hanging decorations made by a preschooler, although an adult man will sit at the table on Christmas Eve - guaranteed.

4. Read about holidays and Santa Claus

Go to the bookstore or library and look for books related to Christmas. For smaller children it may be a book simply about Christmas, for older children - a story with a Christmas plot.

There are stories like "Believe in Santa" that are divided into 24 chapters - perfect for reading in December before Christmas, one chapter for each day. Reading together, apart from the obvious benefits, will also introduce the child to the Christmas topic, explain what will happen and why, which is especially important for younger children.

5. Write a letter to Santa Claus

Both children and parents are waiting for this moment! Writing - and in the case of kids mainly drawing - a letter to Santa is one of the most beautiful Christmas rituals. Do it together. Let your child include their greatest dreams on a piece of paper. For you, this can be a great inspiration when buying gifts. Draw, paint, color, stick to make your letter unique.

A younger child may dictate what he would like to say to Santa. Wrap the letter in an envelope, address it and… hide it. Years later, it will be a great souvenir! You can also get your child a reply from Santa. For example, via the website listymikolaja.pl you can quickly and easily order a personalized reply from Saint, which will go straight to your mailbox. It is worth taking care of such moments and small pleasures. It will pay off, and beautiful memories will stay forever!

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