8 tricks to encourage your child to eat vegetables

Tired of worrying about your baby? Still recurring infections, constant scrapes and bruises, and a vitamin D deficiency can result in an incomplete diet. However, if you are trying to ensure that the menu does not run out of vegetables that your child shakes his nose for, and every attempt to give him carrots with peas ends up in screams and fights, then let it go.

See the movie: "#dziejesienazywo: How to shape proper eating habits in children?"

Take care of your and your child's mental health, do not feed him with terrifying broccoli. We have 8 ways for you to ensure that eggplant will never again appear in your child's nightmares, and your lack of toddlers' vitamins will keep you awake at night.

1. Start with the meals your child already knows

Favorite breakfasts and dinners are the best way to smuggle vegetables. Love lasagna? Great. Add diced peppers and tomatoes to it, and fresh basil leaves for stuffing.

Remember that your child will be more tolerant of vegetable ingredients if you hide them under a quilt of pasta sheets, cheese and béchamel sauce.

2. Give your meals interesting names

The chefs in the person of the parents give their little gourmets a "Brazilian ball" if the son is interested in football, or the "Barbie specialty" when the daughter's favorite toy is this doll.

In fact, these names may hide pizza on wholemeal dough and homemade sauce, on which you can put spinach, sweet corn and slices of mozzarella, and vegetable muffins, which can certainly appear in the kitchen of the girl's favorite heroine.

3. Make eating fun

Surely the asparagus lying on the plate will be ignored by your child, unless you suggest that it can be a brush dipped in hollandaise or tomato sauce.

Broccoli, on the other hand, can be trees on your child's plate. You can be sure that as you tell these stories, your child will be more likely to eat the lettuce that threatens his favorite characters.

4. Take your child shopping

I know you don't like it, because instead of an hour, you have to spend at least two hours on it. The fact is, however, that your child is more likely to try new products if you give them the option to choose them from the store shelf.

When shopping, ask if your toddler would rather eat honey glazed carrots or baked zucchini strips. The fact that he chooses his own meal will make him more likely to eat it.

5. Let your baby cook with you

Don't let the prospect of chaos in the kitchen scare you and let your child share your kingdom. Children like to cook and imitate adults. This builds the child's confidence as they can do something on their own. Don't waste this enthusiasm! Asking your child to help you prepare the vegetables for dinner is the best way to persuade them to eat.

6. Bet on snacks

Let's face it: eating with your hands is the best form of eating. So don't let your cutlery get in the way of your child's veggie-eating victory.

So prepare healthy fries with homemade tomato sauce or sweet carrot sticks with honey, and during your favorite fairy tale, give your child a celery with a mild garlic dip to munch on. Let him get his hands and mouth dirty - have fun eating vegetables.

7. Smuggle vegetables

If all else fails, it's time to roll out the heaviest cannon, smuggle the vegetables **** in other meals and pretend they're not there at all.

Vegetable muffins are a great example of how a meal can taste, smell and look like original sweet muffins, but with more vitamins and nutrients. This trick is especially useful when you are tired at the end of the day and do not have the time or the desire to fight your vegetable battles.

8. Apply the one bite method

In particularly extreme cases, it may seem impossible to convince your child to try a new dish, especially to a situation in which he asks for more.

Try to use a method in which you restrict your child to take a bite of a dish on the plate before asking if he or she can leave the table. This increases the chances that he will be surprised by the taste and want a second bite.

Worst case scenario? Your child still refuses to eat vegetables despite following these 8 steps? Then take a deep breath and don't worry - you didn't lose. According to the latest research, both children and adults have to try a new dish 7-14 times before they find the taste acceptable.

So keep on trying and you will see that if you stick to the rules, vegetables will stay in your little one's diet for good. And remember - you too were once a toddler who turned his nose at the sight of vegetables. And what grew out of you? A great parent who cares about their child's health. So let's go!


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