Mr. Kleks's Academy - summary and characters

Akademia Pana Kleksa is a book known to all children. Its author is Jan Brzechwa, who also wrote the continuation of the series: Travels of Mr. Kleks and The triumph of Mr. Kleks. What is the first volume of adventures of a remarkable teacher about?

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Mr. Kleks' Academy it was first published right after the war, in 1946. It tells the story of Adam Niezgódka, an unruly boy who is placed in the Academy of Mr. Kleks. He is accompanied by twenty-three boys, all of them have names beginning with the letter A. The children are looked after by Mr. Kleks, who is helped by the learned starling, Mateusz.

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1. "Mr. Kleks's Academy" - summary

The Academy run by Mr. Kleks is located in a three-story building at ul. Chocolate. There are classrooms on the ground floor, bedrooms and a dining room on the first floor, and the apartment of Mr. Kleks and Mateusz on the upper floor. Only Mr. Kleks has access to the third floor (he hides his secrets there). You can't get there by stairs.

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The Academy is surrounded by a park and a wall with gates. Going through them, you enter the world of fairy tales, incl. about the sleeping beauty and seven brothers, and about the girl with the matches.

At the Academy, boys have to follow a few rules. Every day at 5.00 am they are awakened by water dripping on their noses. In the shower, water with the addition of juice is flowing from the taps. Half an hour later, it's breakfast. At 6.00, Mr. Kleks calls everyone to a roll-call, during which he collects dream mirrors from boys. Their dreams are reflected in them. At 7.00 am the boys start their lessons. The plan includes, among others items such as: ink-blotography, letter spinning, treatment of sick equipment, ball-globe game.

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Adaś Niezgódka with his friends goes through some interesting adventures, incl. visits a hole and hole factory.

At the end of the story, Alojzy destroys the secrets of Mr. Kleks. It turns out then that the teacher was changed into a human by Dr. Paj-Chi-Wo (previously he was a button on the Bogdychanów cap).

2. Who are the heroes of Mr. Kleks's Academy?

Mr. Kleks's name is Ambrose and he is a teacher with superhuman abilities: he can fly, enlarge and shrink objects, and hold candles in his bottomless pockets.

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Mr. Kleks's face is attracted by colorful freckles, which he likes very much. She dresses equally colorful. A permanent element of his wardrobe is a lemon-yellow vest in which there are a lot of pockets.

Mr. Kleks is an exceptional teacher - he stimulates the imagination of children, encourages them to fulfill their dreams and dreams. He believes that each of the boys has a talent and helps them discover it.

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Adaś Niezgódka plays a special role in Mr Kleks's Academy. He is considered unruly by adults. He is always late, he can also be clumsy.

Among the heroes of Mr. Kleks's Academy there is also the starling Mateusz, who only pronounces the final syllables of words. At the end of the fairy tale, he changes into the author of the story, so he can be identified with Jan Brzechwa.

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