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The Internet is a great learning and fun tool for adults and children alike. The problem is that there is a lot of content that young people should not watch at all. Research shows that over 40 percent. teenagers came into contact with pornographic content!

The list of threats to which a child is exposed online is virtually endless. In the guide for parents "Harmful content on the Internet. I do not accept, I react", prepared by NASK, the authors listed the most important ones. Among them, the following are especially shocking:

  • Content depicting violence or death, such as photos or videos of accident victims,
  • content that encourages self-harm, suicide,
  • discriminatory content that promotes hostility, hatred,
  • pornographic content accessible without any warning, including material involving children,
  • fake news,
  • pathostreams, i.e. live online reports presenting behaviors that are defined and perceived as pathological.

Contrary to appearances, such content reaches many young people. Research shows that as much as 43 percent. 11-18 year olds and adolescents have ever had contact with pornographic and sexualizing material, 18% teenagers in Poland come into contact with pornography at least once a week, including 8 percent. - every day!

Another thing is screen time. The pandemic significantly extended it, but already 15 percent. students were online for more than 5 hours a day. During distance learning, this result is probably achieved by all students, because 5 hours is just one day at school, once in the classroom, now online.

And yet at school, sitting in front of the screen does not end there. You have to do your homework and send your lessons, you want to play games or watch movies or your favorite YouTubers. This means that children use the Internet practically all the time. What's more - only about 40 percent use a desktop or laptop computer during after-school hours. subjects. Others stare at the smartphone or tablet screen, often secretly from their parents.

How can I protect my children?

First of all - talk, explain, explain how to distinguish valuable from harmful content. The child must know that when he comes across such material on the Internet, it is not his fault, and he should tell the parent about it, because he knows how to react. After all, there are cases in which the case should be reported to the police or the prosecutor's office (e.g. child pornography).

Second - you can use technology. We will not cut children off from the Internet, because that is not the point. However, you can make the chances of them going where they shouldn't be significantly reduced.

One of such comprehensive solutions is the new Safe Family in Play application. It combines online child protection with a location service. Thanks to this, the parent knows what and when his child is doing on the Internet, as well as where he is when he is not at home.

As part of the geolocation service, the application allows you to check where the child is at the moment. In addition, it allows you to create "safety zones" (3 to 5 places) and notifies the parent when the child leaves them. They can be, for example, a school, a backyard, the area of ​​a housing estate.

The second feature of the application is Web Protection. It allows you to block access to content that is inappropriate for the child's age, as well as set a list of applications that the child may have access to. It is also possible to check what content on the Internet the child has recently viewed.

Another option is to set daily time limits for using your smartphone. You can also lock your child's phone remotely with a "bedtime" message.

How to run?

Safe Family service is available for Play customers using subscription, MIX or pre-paid service. It works in two versions - Standard and Premium. The former allows you to protect 1 child's device, locate and designate 3 safety zones and check the location up to 1 day back.

The Premium service includes 3 devices, 5 zones, respectively, and the ability to check the history of the location up to 7 days back. In addition, this richer version allows you to track the history of viewed websites and videos on YouTube and remotely block the child's phone. Both versions allow for the introduction of usage limits for the applications selected by the parent.

To use these solutions, just install the Safe Family application, add the child's phone and confirm the location sharing on it. Prices? PLN 9.99 for the Standard version and PLN 19.99 for the Premium version.

There are several ways to activate the Safe Family service. You can download the application in the Google Play or AppStore store, you can send an SMS with the text Start to 241 for the Standard option or 242 for the Premium option. The service can also be launched by consultants at customer service points, and it can also be activated in the Play24 application.

What about the computer?

The Safe Family service is dedicated to smartphones, but what about computers? Here it is worth checking out the Internet Protection PRO service. The service offers the option of blocking access to certain content as part of parental protection. You can also set a daily limit for access to networks and programs. In addition, it secures online transactions and purchases made in a web browser. It also acts as an antivirus program, password manager and protects against network attacks.

The regular price of Internet Protection PRO is PLN 9.99 per month. Now you can use it for a month for free, on a trial basis. It is enough to purchase the network access service in Play in one of several subscriptions - from 35 to 100 PLN per month.

Fast and stable

Security while using the Internet on Play goes hand in hand with high quality connection. This is of great importance now, when schooling takes place online and many parents work from the home office. How long will it take? Nobody can predict that.

The operator's offer includes packages tailored to various needs - it is a 70 GB data package or unlimited internet and full speed 100, 200 or 500 GB with or without a router. Additionally, you can sign a 36-month contract and buy a set with a laptop or tablet. This can solve the problem of parents who do not know what equipment to choose for their child or cannot spend too much money right away.

With the latter solution - depending on the device and the size of the internet data package - you only have to pay a monthly subscription from PLN 80. The price includes the cost of the said device.

For those who live outside the city and have a problem with coverage, the solution will be the NET BOX service, i.e. an external router with an antenna mounted, for example, on the roof and an internal wi-fi router. Thanks to this, it works where the strong cellular signal is only outside the buildings. So you can easily use the fast and stable internet from Play from PLN 70 a month.

Play is the content partner
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