White parents and dark-skinned children! The amazing story of the Halbert family

White parents, dark-skinned children! It sounds unbelievable, and yet it is true. Aaron and Rachel Halbert are white parents who can boast a bunch of happy black kids.

See the movie: "Malawians on Madonna's adoption of twins:" It's laughable. What will we gain from this as a nation? ""

Aaron Halbert (Facebook)

1. First, adoption

A married couple performs a missionary service. Like any young couple, they dreamed of a child. They had been trying to get them for many years, but Rachel still couldn't get pregnant. The spouses decided to adopt. They figured their child would have a different complexion to theirs. They went to Mississippi, where the adoption agency is located, from there they took a pair of dark-skinned children under their roof - a boy and a girl.

Aaron Halbert (Facebook)

2. Hunger for parenthood

The happiness resulting from parenthood turned out to be so great that the Halbert family decided to try for a child again. To this end, they went to the National Embryo Center (NEDC) to try to achieve IVF.

The couple decided that the implanted embryos had to be of African-American origin so that all their children looked the same and had the same origin. Rachel had two embryos implanted, but one of them unexpectedly split into two. As a result, triplets were born.

Aaron Halbert (Facebook)

3. The reactions were different

The reactions to this unusual event were and are still different. It was revealed to The Washington Post by Aaron.

- Once an elderly white woman passed us by, looking at us with disgust. But also the black people caused us a lot of trouble, for example, the black mother looked at us and shook her head, thus expressing her dissatisfaction.

- But there were also situations - she adds - that positively surprised us. One young, dark-skinned woman cried at the news that this little boy was our son. I also remember an elderly white doctor who prayed beautifully over his son and held him so tenderly. These situations showed us which path we took, as people and country, and which we should go.

Aaron Halbert (Facebook)

- We believe that looking into the eyes of every person, we see the face of God in them. There is also an eternal soul hidden in the eyes of a person. It is a common part of all mankind, so our racial differences are actually irrelevant. We see the physical otherness of people and this is a reminder of God's creative genius, says Aaron.

4. An atypical family model

Aaron Halbert (Facebook)

- I admit that we did not plan in advance and did not think about creating such a family with Rachel. I'm talking about the time we met. However, life surprised us and for this we give great thanks to God. He gave us five wonderful children. For us, our family is a picture of a little heaven, where love reigns, where everyone is equal and there are no divisions - confesses Aaron

- The beauty of living in such a mixed family is that it becomes richer and fuller. We wouldn't trade it for anything else.

5. Heart adoption

Child adoption is a complicated procedure. What about adopting a child, e.g. from abroad. However, there are other possibilities that create opportunities to become, at least to a small extent, a parent of, for example, an African child.

In Poland, it is the so-called "Adoption of the heart" and anyone who wants to can support their adapted child materially. Thanks to such help, poor children from third world countries are provided with education, opportunities for positive changes in life and better opportunities to start. Children from "Heart Adoption" are also provided with clothes and other necessary things that local parents or guardians cannot provide for them.

If you also felt a sudden gust of heart or envied the Halbert family, maybe it is worth considering such a form of help and such a solution. It would be great to get a Christmas card or photo greeting from your little one from across the continent, wouldn't it?

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