Bald eagle. What is it characterized by and how long does it live?

The bald eagle is the largest domestic bird of prey. It is often confused with the eagle, but belongs to the hawk family. Its wingspan is 240 cm. What does it look like, what does it eat and where does it live?

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1. Bald eagle and the eagle

The white-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey occurring in Poland. It belongs to the species under strict protection. It is commonly believed that a white-tailed eagle is an eagle, but this is a very misleading statement.

In fact, the white-tailed eagle belongs to the hawk family - the buzzard subfamily. It is characterized by a huge wingspan, even spectacular - reaching even 240 cm. The length of his body does not exceed 92 cm. The name of the white-tailed eagle refers to the white color of the tail.


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2. Information about the white-tailed eagle - what does it look like?

The white-tailed eagle is classified as a bird of prey with a huge wingspan, which attracts attention during the flight not only because of its size. They are also distinguished by a long, very wide, "finger" shape.

The white tail of the white-tailed eagle is short, wedge-shaped, and the beak is clearly yellow in color. Adult individuals, i.e. those after 5 years of age, have a brown shade, with a lighter head and neck falling into golden brown. Females are usually slightly larger than males, and the color of their plumage does not matter.

3. Bald Eagle - what does it eat?

White-tailed eagles get their food by hunting. Most of their victims are fish and waterfowl such as ducks, coots and grebes, sometimes even swans. They very rarely hunt selected mammals, e.g. hares, young deer or rodents.

These birds will not despise the carrion they find - if they find one, they will eat it and even share it with others. It is worth knowing that the white-tailed eagle has exceptionally good eyesight, sees very sharply and clearly, and its eyes are almost twice as large as human eyes.

The sharpened sense of sight helps the white-tailed eagle to hunt game, although it is not always that simple; the fish and birds are pretty smart. Despite their excellent eyesight, white-tailed eagles need time to learn to hunt, so young, untrained individuals often gather in places where they can easily find food.

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4. Bald Eagle - how long does he live?

The average life expectancy of a white-tailed eagle is 30-40 years. They can build huge nests - one of the largest among those that build birds themselves. Their diameter reaches up to 2 meters. The weight of such a socket reaches a mass of up to 1 ton.

5. Bielik - where does he live?

White-tailed eagles inhabit Europe - mainly its northern, central and eastern parts. They are found in Iceland, in eastern Greenland as far as eastern Asia and north of the Himalayas. In Poland, the white-tailed eagle can be found throughout the country, although in different densities.

Increased occurrence is noted in the western, northern and north-eastern parts of Poland. Our country is also a valuable wintering ground for these predators. These birds live in virtually all types of forests - mainly forests, beech forests, as well as riverside riparian forests, located near ponds or lakes. In Poland, they choose old and tall trees, usually alders, pines and oaks.

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