The rebellion of a four-year-old

The rebellion of a four-year-old is testing the patience of parents. A child of four "tests" how much he can afford in his antics. The toddler is often unmanageable and must make his presence known everywhere. A four-year-old can be really rowdy and mischievous. He can break free from his mother's hand and run away from her, he kicks, uses inappropriate words, provokes, brags, makes up stories and is reluctant to follow his parents' instructions. How are the guardians to survive the period of the child's rebellion?

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1. An unruly four-year-old

A child at the age of four is very agile. He can walk and run efficiently, jumps, climbs, rolls, and keeps his balance standing on one leg. The four-year-old is very lively and lively, he is everywhere. The child is gaining more and more self-confidence. When he is dissatisfied, he can be rude - he beats, kicks, destroys objects, throws toys, etc. He likes to have his opinion and wants others to follow his demands. Respecting the upbringing rules established at home or in kindergarten comes to him with resistance.

It is fun for a child to run away from their parents and hide from them, which can be quite stressful for adults. A four-year-old likes to be able to test himself, for example, while walking, he can run ahead and wait at a street corner. Sometimes it is worth allowing a child to be independent - then he can be surprisingly responsible.

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2. Emotions of a four-year-old child

A four-year-old toddler is difficult to control not only physically but also emotionally. In a tantrum, he can laugh loudly, silly, or scream with his feet stomping. A four-year-old child quickly "grasps" overheard words and may use ugly, vulgar words. He is fascinated by what is forbidden. A four-year-old checks how far he can go in upsetting his parents. He likes repeating bad words, knowing full well that they are inappropriate. Half a year ago, the toddler seemed unsure of himself in new situations, and now he often overestimates his abilities.

A four-year-old child can enjoy the fact that he will oppose his parent, do not follow his instructions, run away, hide. Until now, it was polite and humbly fulfilled the requests of mom or dad. Now, being as reluctant as possible seems like his raison d'être. The word "no" is most often found in the speech of a four-year-old, and swaggering is his trademark. The child in various ways - by imitating adults, but also through rebellion and stubbornness - seeks to enrich his own "I". He provokes, brags, lies, all in order to arouse the interest of others. The will to please and focus attention on oneself stimulates the toddler to act.

3. How to deal with an unruly four-year-old?

Undoubtedly, a child at the age of four needs attention from parents, and his negative behaviors, such as disobedience or aggression, should be met with resolute and educational consistency of adults. The bad behavior of a child must not be ignored or turned a blind eye, hoping that the child will grow out of it one day and go crazy. A four-year-old knows exactly what is allowed and what is not - especially when there are clear rules at home. There should be a penalty for violating the rule. It is not about hitting or bullying a child, but about wisely explaining to a toddler how not to behave, why you cannot do that. The punishment should be related to the offense and should not be delayed. The child must, as it were, see the cause of the punishment and the consequences of his bad behavior.

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