Thumbelina H. Ch. Andersen - summary

"Thumbelina" is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, known to almost everyone. It was first published in 1835. Since then, it has had many literary and film adaptations. It is also one of the school's reading material. What is it about?

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1. "Thumbelina" - summary

A childless woman wanted a child very much. To fulfill her dream, she decided to seek help from a witch. The witch gave the woman an unusual seed to plant. A beautiful tulip-like flower grew out of it. In the center of the plant sat a tiny girl - she was no bigger than a human thumb, hence the woman named her Thumbelina.

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One night, Thumbelina was kidnapped by a toad who wanted to marry her off for her son. She took it to her house by the river, set it on a water lily leaf, and introduced it to her son. Thumbelina was very much despairing. The fish that swam in the river took pity on the girl and bit the stalk. It flowed down the river on the leaf. The butterfly helped Thumbelina to escape.

However, she did not enjoy freedom for a long time. She was kidnapped by a beetle, which together with other insects decided that the girl was ugly. It made her very sad.She sat on a daisy and cried with grief.

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2. Further fate of Thumbelina

Thumbelina wandered in the woods. In the fall, a field mouse helped her. The rodent wanted to marry her with his neighbor, a mole, who fell in love with the girl (he was blind, but he was seduced by the singing of Thumbelina).

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During her stay with the mole, the girl found a swallow, which most probably weakened from the cold. Thumbelina took care of the bird, which gained strength and flew away in the spring.

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As Thumbelina and the mole's wedding date approached, the girl began to despair more and more. She was terrified by the vision of living in underground corridors. It was then that the swallow appeared again and, in thanks for saving her life, took Thumbelina to warm countries.

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The girl lived in a white flower that grew next to a stone castle, where a swallow had a nest. The king of elves noticed Thumbelina, who, fascinated by the tiny creature, immediately asked her to marry him. The girl changed her name. From that moment on, she was called Maya. Her husband gave her a pair of wings.

The swallow returned to Denmark and told the author of Thumbelina's fate.

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