Children's play center - Bydgoszcz

The playroom is a place where parents can leave their child well looked after and run their errands at the same time. Children have at their disposal not only toys and colorful books, but also language and sports activities. Much depends on the location, not every play center has all of the attractions mentioned. A playroom for children is an increasingly common sight in Polish cities, but there are few such facilities in Bydgoszcz. Their number may increase if the demand for them increases.

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1. Playrooms for children in Bydgoszcz

The playgrounds known in Bydgoszcz include:

  • Family Park Family Play Center at 246 Fordońska Street - children are looked after by qualified animators, you can use wireless Internet and drink coffee on site;
  • "U Kubusia" Children's Playroom at 5 Moczyńskiego Street - competitions for children are organized here, the equipment includes: a maze with slides and tunnels, as well as a ball pool; occasional parties can be organized on site;
  • Wikolandia - a playroom for children up to 12 years old with an area of ​​200 m² at ul. Bydgoska 16; Children have at their disposal: table football, air hockey, a two-level play structure, a trampoline, and vehicles.

The equipment of a children's playroom depends on many factors, including the size of the facility. Toys are standard, moreover, in many places there are ball pools, trampolines and playhouses. The equipment of the children's playground also varies. Swings, slides, mazes and wooden houses are usually found. In some places there are also small climbing walls adapted for children.

The playroom of the room is uneven. The equipment and attractions offered may vary, but the most important thing is that the play center meets the expectations of parents. The toddler has a good time and not hurt himself.

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