What should a four-year-old be able to do?

When a child is four years old, he is in a very important transition from toddler to pre-school. Many parents then wonder if their child is developing properly? Does he already have all the skills he should develop in three years of life? Doctors sound the alarm: every child develops at its own pace! He is a small man, an individualist, and you must not apply rigid book rules to him or force new skills. Development follows a specific plan: different for each child. However, it is worth taking a look at such a list of skills and see which of them have already been mastered by our baby.

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1. Active speech and understanding commands

The child starts talking at different times. The first word usually appears before the end of the year, but of course it is an individual matter. It depends, among other things, on the length of pregnancy (whether the baby was premature), sometimes on gender (boys usually start talking later) or on stimulating speech development. At the age of four, the toddler already has a fairly large supply of words and continues to enrich it. He can even understand quite complex, multi-step commands, for example: "Please put down the ball and fetch your shoes from the corridor." The child listens to fairy tales, stories, knows words for colors and shapes.

The abilities of a four-year-old

When a child is four, he is in a very important transition from toddler to pre-school ...

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2. Independence

At the age of four, many children start kindergarten. In order to part with her parents for a few hours, she has to be to some extent independent. A child of this age can use the toilet on their own, eat with a knife and fork, and drink from a cup. Under the supervision of adults, she dresses and undresses and may attempt to bathe herself.

3. Manual and motor skills

In a four-year-old, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity are very important. Handling objects allows him to get to know the world better and learn new skills. The toddler can now draw simple shapes with crayons, build towers from blocks. He can thread large beads, thanks to which he exercises his precision. Four-year-olds are usually very mobile, everywhere are full of them. Preschoolers love ball games, jumping and running.

4. Cognitive activities

Stimulating a child's development is aimed, among other things, at developing his / her cognitive functions. In many kindergartens, i.e. from 3 to 4 years old, a child should distinguish between colors, shapes, tastes and structures. He can sort items according to specific criteria, for example: "Put the balls in the basket and the blocks in the cardboard box" or "Give mom red toys and dad blue toys." The child should now be able to distinguish the gender of people in the family. The preschooler already knows what the basic household items are for: a vacuum cleaner, fridge, iron, gas stove. Toddler understands past and present tense form. He uses both efficiently. He says that yesterday he WAS for a walk with his grandfather, and today he is with his aunt.

A child in the fourth year of life is already a preschooler. He has acquired basic skills and now acquires new ones and continues to learn about the world around them. This is an important time for the development of a child's mental functions. A toddler can name, understand the instructions of adults, and divide objects according to their properties. He slowly learns to classify emotions, to perceive and name them. A four-year-old child has more and more contact with his peers and interacts more boldly with them.

The age of four is the time of physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and emotional development. The most important during these changes and continuous learning is the support of parents and the satisfaction of the need for security, which allows for effective acquisition of new skills.

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