Diet for an overweight child

A diet for an overweight child is a problem for many parents. They cannot refuse him food, explaining that the little one needs to develop. The trouble begins when the child eats unhealthy snacks and demands pizza, french fries, and other unhealthy, fatty foods for dinner. His weight begins to exceed the norm, which is certainly not healthy for him.

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1. Why do we need a diet for an overweight child?

Your child should eat regular, balanced and healthy meals. It is in childhood that the eating habits that she brings into later life are formed. Obesity and **** overweight during this period often lead to obesity in adulthood, and this in turn to many diseases associated with incorrect weight and unhealthy eating habits. Diabetes, high cholesterol and fatty liver may develop as early as childhood. Added to this is the problem of making fun of children with a larger body.

2. What is the diet for an overweight child?

The first rule is regularity. Serving five meals at set times will keep the baby from hungry and snacking. This is very important because sometimes between meals you can provide yourself with the same amount of calories as you get in your meals. Let's stick to it and not eat it ourselves, lest the child feel punished. Even on weekends, let's not allow the eating plan to relax.

A good way to avoid snacking and constantly feeling hungry is to teach your child to eat breakfast as soon as they wake up. Going to kindergarten or school with an empty stomach should be completely forbidden. If we do not manage to wean our toddler from snacking, let's think about snacks that will be healthy for him. When he really wants to eat something, let's prepare him:

  • diced fruits and vegetables, stakes (apples, peaches, plums, grapes with skin);
  • nuts in the right amount;
  • rice waffles;
  • corn crisps.

The healthiest drink for a child is ... water. Non-carbonated and medium mineralized should replace carbonated sweetened drinks. For this natural fruit juices without sugar or squeezed juices, but do not overdo it with their amount.

Unhealthy type nutrition fast food it's almost an addiction for some. Let's try to gradually eliminate fatty, unhealthy foods from the preschooler's menu. We should also avoid fatty, fried dishes prepared at home.

Let's forget the rule that the plate should be clean after eating. Do not persuade your child to force food, because it will eat even when it is full. We can also reduce the portions and use slightly smaller plates at the same time. If your toddler likes to eat more food, try to have plenty of fresh vegetables on the table. A lunch for a child should include a salad made of fresh vegetables, which fill you with a lot of vitamins and minerals, and at the same time are low in calories.

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