Why is the baby not eating?

A fussy eater child is a problem for many mothers. Many of them ask themselves why the child is not eating? What could be the cause of a child's lack of appetite? There are many reasons for this. When a child refuses to eat, it may be that he or she simply doesn't like the food or that he is sick.

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The baby's appetite is also influenced by night feeding and snacking between meals, especially if they are sweets. The reason for the lack of appetite and aversion may also be the presence of parasites in the digestive system. What to do when a child refuses to eat? Should you make him eat?

Problems with a fussy eater

A fussy eater child is a problem for many mothers. Many of them ask themselves why the child is not eating?

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What to do when the child refuses to eat?

One of the main concerns of parents is their children's lack of appetite. It often happens that a toddler refuses ...

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1. Why does the child refuse to eat?

Probably all parents have problems with feeding a child. It very often happens that children do not have an appetite or fussy when eating. Many mothers know a situation in which feeding a child had to be associated with telling a fairy tale, playing a game or making a promise such as: "if you eat a nice dinner, mom will buy you ...". Why is it like that? For what reasons does the child refuse to eat?

It is often the case that the portions of food we serve to our children are not much different from those we eat ourselves. Perhaps it is worth keeping a diary for a few days in which you will write down everything you gave your toddler on a given day. You will quickly find out if you are actually giving him too much food. However, if it is so that the portions served to your child are optimal, there may be several reasons for not eating.

First, the baby can eat sweets between meals. Sometimes it seems to you that a chocolate wafer that you give to a child will not make him lack his appetite. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. A chocolate wafer is about 200-250 kcal, so much more than a sandwich with wholemeal bread, therefore, after eating it, a toddler has the right not to feel hungry. Moreover, the sugar present in the sweets kills the appetite, which is why the child refuses to eat.

You think your child is a fussy eater. However, consider how many fruit juices your little one is drinking. Juices are very high in calories and contain a lot of sugar, so they work like sweets, killing the child's appetite. Another problem is also worth noting.

If your baby is given a bottle of milk during the night, it is normal that he or she does not feel hungry. A child also refuses to eat when he is sick, so if you find that he is fussy when eating and has not done so before, this may be the first symptom of illness. Remember that a child is also a human being, only that it is small, so, just like you, he may not like something.

2. What to do when the child refuses to eat?

Wondering what to do when your baby refuses to eat? Don't know what to do when refusing to eat? At the beginning, it is good to diagnose the cause of non-eating. If it is a disease, e.g. anemia, then after its termination, the child will certainly return to its old appetite.

If your child clearly signals that he or she does not like something or does not like something, do not try to force them to eat. If your little one doesn't like porridge, try feeding him whole grain rice. If he doesn't like cucumbers, try to get him to eat tomatoes. Also try to "make your meal more attractive" - ​​serve it on a colorful plate and decorate it nicely.

Children are more likely to reach for food if it is somehow related to their favorite fairy-tale or cartoon characters. Definitely do not let your child snack between meals - he needs regular and wholesome meals that will allow him to develop properly. Also consider whether you still need nightfeeding and the amount of juices you give to your baby. Try giving him mineral water or delicate fruit teas to drink.

One of the reasons for not eating may also be the desire to dominate your parents. Sometimes a child wants to get his own way and show that it "rules the house". Recognition of such a situation, however, requires linking non-eating with other typical behaviors of a child.

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