Dividing in the post. How to correctly do a written division?

A division in a post, or a written division, is an easy way to do this. We do not need a calculator or a computer - all you need is a piece of paper, a pen and knowledge of the rules. If we master this skill well, it will stay with us forever. How to make a division in the post so as not to get confused? What does it look like to divide the column with the rest, and how without it?

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1. What is division?

We often wonder how to teach a child to divide in a post. It's worth starting with the basics. What is dividing? Division, or quotient, is a mathematical operation that can be described by the formula:

a / b = c,

where a is the dividend, b is the divisor, and c is the result, which is the quotient.

Division is the inverse of multiplication, therefore we cannot divide by 0. The sign of division can be one of the following symbols: /,:, ÷.

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2. How to divide in the post?

Nowadays, we usually use computers or calculators for mathematical calculations. However, it is worth knowing how to deal with a situation when there is no such equipment nearby. Writing splitting is very simple, here's how to do it.

We write our action on a piece of paper, and then draw a line over the brave, as long as the brave one is. Above it, at the end of the operation, we give the result, which we call the integer of the quotient (this is how many times it is in the divisor).

The division in the post can be with or without a remainder. If there is any number left at the bottom of the bar after the calculation, it is the remainder which should always be smaller than the divisor.

Written division is simple, but when doing this, your focus should be on signing the numbers accurately in the right place. The correctness of the result depends on it.

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3. Dividing in the post without remainder

It's best to understand the division rule in a bar on a specific example - here it is: 575/5. We start the division from the first digit on the left - 5. We divide it by the divisor - 5, and the result - 1, write over the divided digit, that is above the first dividend on the left (write 1 over 5).

The second step is to multiply the digit written above the dash - 1 by the divisor - 5. We write the result - 5 under the first digit of the dividend, underline and subtract (in this case it will be 0).

Then we add to the obtained digit the next dividend - 7. We divide the obtained number by our divisor - 5, checking how many times in the resulting number the divisor will fit -1. We write the result above the dash, next to the first obtained digit, above the second dividend -7.

In the next step, we multiply the obtained digit -1 and the divisor - 5, and enter the result at the bottom, under the last number. Again, underline with a dash and subtract, enter the result - 2 under the dash and add the last digit - 5 and underline it.

We divide the resulting number - 25 by the divisor - 5 and check how many times it is in this number - 5. We write the result above the dash, next to the previously written digits (we should get the result of 115).

In the next step, we multiply the obtained number by the divisor, write the result at the very bottom, separate it with a dash and subtract it.

We used all the numbers from the dividend. In this case, the written division did not produce any remainder, so the divisor was divisible by the divisible. Improving the score should be written above the dash of our action.

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4. Dividing the column with the remainder

It happens that after dividing the result is not an integer and we have the rest. A split in a post is also possible for these actions.

The principle is the same, we act exactly as in the case described above, with the only difference that at the bottom of the written action we do not get 0, but a digit smaller than the divisor. This number is the rest.

Good luck!

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