Children's Day - 6 gift ideas for 2019

International Children's Day is treated symbolically by some, and seriously by others. It is a celebration of all children, both younger and slightly older.

It was enacted by the United Nations in 1954 in order to draw attention to the rights of the child, over which hardly anyone had previously considered. So, as we can see, this day has a serious dimension and is not only an artificially wound up marketing whim. However, if we would like to celebrate this holiday not only by going to an amusement park or having an ice cream, here are 9 gift suggestions for Children's Day in 2019.

1. Toys for the youngest children

The youngest children await this holiday the most, although they are probably least aware of its symbolic dimension. It is worth thinking about celebrating this day with a nice and developing toy. At a certain age, dolls and stuffed animals are psychologically most advisable, but let's make sure that at a later stage of development, gifts have a more educational dimension. Even the youngest children should make their first construction trials on simple sets of blocks or on interesting and addictive games developing their spatial imagination.

Any toy intended for the 3-5 age group will be better at this stage of development than giving your child a mobile phone or tablet, which are certainly not good educational tools for little ones. Let's think about puzzles, educational games, plastic toys, and pay attention to the necessary safety approvals with each purchase.

2. Sports equipment

The beginning of June is associated with the inevitably approaching summer. Let's give the child a tool to develop a motor passion. Physical fitness is as important as mental fitness. Proper development is also associated with regular exercise. And what is the best way to encourage children to participate in sports rituals? Not through strenuous discipline, but through fun.

Nothing makes it easier to enter sports than involuntarily getting involved in something that gives you ordinary fun. A badminton set is not a big expense and can be fun for the whole season. Similarly with other racket sports and those that encourage team activities.

However, if our child has the disposition of "lonely marathon runner", let's think about a sport that can be practiced individually. A bicycle, scooter, roller skates, roller skates - they will take care of the whole holiday. It will be a long-lasting gift.

3. Bluetooth speaker

Recently, it is very popular in all age groups, universal, equipment. The kids take pride in their favorite music. These types of devices tend to be cheaper and more expensive. However, the price does not always go hand in hand with quality. If we want a child to grow up in a proper musical culture, we should invest in something that sounds good without distorting the sound. Practical considerations, such as resistance to external factors and resistance, are also important.

Some time ago LG entered into cooperation with the hi-fi legend Meridian Audio and created a line of products for demanding customers, including LG XBOOM GO PK3, LG XBOOM GO PK5 and LG XBOOM GO PK7 speakers. They are of different sizes, power, and battery endurance. However, the quality of their sound, compared to the competition, is outstanding. It should be noted that the price of all three, compared to the market, is very reasonable.

The most youthful of all three seems to be the PK5 model. It is an ideal compromise between the size and intensity of sound. In addition, it contains interesting lighting effects. The PK3 is small and therefore handy, but does not glow colorfully, and the PK7 for younger children will certainly be too big and too heavy. The older ones, however, will surely go mad with joy and will publicize many holiday events with it.

4. Book

There is no need to convince anyone how a great, timeless, universal and developing gift a good book can be. However, it is important to choose this gift according to the child's age, psychological profile and aspirations. Let's agree that today it is very difficult, because the world around is still scattered with thousands of information.

When choosing a book for a child, we will do the best if we do not decide on too difficult literature. When we make a ten-year-old read "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy, he can easily get discouraged by the topic. And let us remember that young people have compulsory reading in the educational program. It's a good idea to follow the program.

If we consider any of the books included in the reading canon to be particularly valuable, we can find a nicely issued and durable copy in the bookstore's offer, which will not only be used in a practical way, because our child will have their own, without the need to use the library, but will also be provide the foundations for building your own book collection. And yet it is important that young people learn to treat books and the knowledge derived from them as real capital.

5. Interesting gadgets

The market is filled with interesting and inspiring items. There can be many ideas: a drone, a sports camera, a smartwatch, an electric scooter. However, it is important that we take care of two aspects. Firstly, do we know our child's habits enough to fully appreciate such a gift and whether it will serve for more than a month?

Secondly, does it bring development value? In other words: a child who is completely not interested in electronics and does not even have his own phone, does not need a smartwatch for anything, and someone who spends most of their time in front of a computer is better off giving some natural movement, so you should put on a scooter without an electric drive. .

6. A trip or attractions that your child will remember

Instead of giving the child a physical gift, we can mark the symbolic dimension of Children's Day and focus on the moments spent together. The market is rich in numerous offers. We can choose an amusement park, aquapark, trampoline park, rope park or paintball. It all depends on our imagination, financial capabilities and the interests of the child. We can also go on a trip that ends with a visit to fast food, without limiting our whims. It's not healthy, but it can be done once a year.

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