Independence Day. How to handle it with a child?

Independence Day commemorates one of the most important events in the history of our country. On November 11, 1918, Poland regained freedom after 123 years of captivity. How is this day celebrated?

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There are many official celebrations on Independence Day, incl. parades and concerts. The most important ones take place in Warsaw, but you can join the celebration of this event all over Poland. As part of patriotic education, solemn appeals are prepared in almost every school and kindergarten, during which children recite poems and sing songs.

Independence runs have been popular recently. It is a sports event in which everyone can take part - children, youth, seniors. You don't have to be an active runner, just want to try to compete with others and run together to the finish line. Very often this type of competition is combined with a charity event. Their goal is also to promote an active lifestyle and encourage families to spend time together.

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1. What is sung on Independence Day?

On this day, the most important song is Mazurek Dąbrowskiego, the Polish anthem. Preschoolers are already learning it, and in primary school, knowledge of all stanzas is required. The hymn is sung at the beginning of official ceremonies. It is accompanied by the appropriate attitude of the gathered people. Men in civilian clothes should take off their headgear, and the flagship posts pay their respects by lowering the banner. It is forbidden to play the hymn with changed lyrics or melody.

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2. When was Independence Day established?

November 11, legally free from work, was declared an official public holiday on April 23, 1937. The communist authorities abolished it on July 22, 1945. Independence Day began to be celebrated again when the political system in Poland changed in 1989.

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3. National symbols for the Independence Day

The celebration of the Independence Day is accompanied by a specific symbolism. Among them are, next to the national anthem, the national colors, the flag and the state coat of arms. Hence, on this day you can meet white and red colors at almost every step. He has them, among others a cotillion clipped to the breast during important state ceremonies. It is a symbol of patriotism.

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