"The Little Match Girl" - a fairy tale that everyone knows

"The Little Match Girl" is one of the most touching literary works. It provides a whole range of emotions. It is a story about a child who, instead of being in a warm home with his family, was forced to sell matches in bad weather to earn even a few pennies. The piece conveys many timeless values.

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The Girl with the Matches, first published in 1845, is one of Hans Christian Andersen's most famous fairy tales. Probably everyone can summarize its plot. It is also a source of many inspirations: musical, theater and literary. Many animated and fictional films, musicals and books for children have been created in relation to it.

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1. "The Little Match Girl" - summary

On a frosty evening, a little girl walks barefoot through the city. He's trying to sell the matches. Nobody pays attention to her. No passerby is interested in the suffering of a child, because everyone is preoccupied with the last preparations for Christmas.

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The girl, chilled to the bone, sits huddled under one of the houses. I want to warm my legs. She is so cold that she decides to light the matches one by one. Each of the four flames has a symbolic dimension and shows the desires of the child he visualizes.

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The first is an iron furnace that gives warmth to fossilized hands. The second is a roasted duck, thanks to which the girl will forget about hunger, and the third - a Christmas tree. As the match went out, several sparks went up and one of them fell.

The girl remembered that her beloved grandmother identified it with the impending death. When she struck the last match, it was she who appeared. The child did not want Grandma to leave so much that she lit all the matches in the package. Moments later, it went with her to heaven to stand before the throne of God.

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2. Educational role of fairy tales

"Little Match Girl" is one of the religious fairy tales by H.Ch. Andersen. There are many educational values ​​in the piece. Its content is a contribution to talks about death, but also poverty and social inequalities.

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This fairy tale will be known to preschool children. For the youngest, the version of the piece is a bit shortened and the story of the girl's death is not presented in a drastic way.

The piece, however, evokes emotions, which makes it unique. It also allows us to show that there are needy and poor people around us. Together with your child, you can think about how we can help them.

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