When the child goes to kindergarten

When a child goes to kindergarten, a new stage begins not only for him, but also for the parents. They begin to wonder whether their child will cope with the new environment, among new caregivers and peers, or whether it will feel lost and lonely. Parents need to know that the first days in kindergarten will not be easy for their child. What to do to make a child like kindergarten? How to prepare them for this new stage in life?

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How to encourage a child to attend kindergarten?

Taking a child to kindergarten in the morning can be a huge emotional challenge for many parents ...

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1. Pre-school maturity and choice of institution

The boy must be emotionally ready to go to kindergarten, it is determined by the ability to make social contacts and the ability to independently handle his needs. Before we send your child to kindergarten, encourage them to play with other children. In this way, the little one will learn to cooperate with peers and share toys with them.In addition, he will find out that he can stay without his mother for a long time and will get used to the several hours of separation from his parents. The child will become more independent.

Skills a child needs to learn before going to kindergarten:

  • taking care of one's own physiological needs,
  • self-washing of hands,
  • using utensils such as a mug, plate, spoon,
  • independent taking off and putting on clothes.

A child in kindergarten is on his own, he will feel more confident when he learns these things and will not have to ask for help from teachers.

Of course, the most convenient kindergarten for parents will be one close to home or work. Before we decide on a particular kindergarten, we should find as much information as possible about it by searching online forums and asking friends who have older children.

The kindergarten must inspire parents' trust, otherwise the toddler will not like it. Before the start of the new school year, you can take your child to the preschool and show him the playground. If the employees agree, you can take the child to the rooms and present the kindergarten - more and more institutions organize open days for children and parents.

2. Conversation with the child and the first day in kindergarten

Parents should talk to their child about what being in kindergarten is and what the child can expect. It is worth emphasizing the possibility of having fun and meeting new friends. Tell your child that kindergarten is normal and everyone has gone there at some time. You can't scare a child with this place. You have to explain that there will be no parents in the kindergarten, but a caretaker who can be visited with any problem.

It is worth involving your child in preparations for this important event. The child should participate in the purchase of slippers and the selection of clothes for the first day. The clothes must be comfortable and the shoes should be Velcro fastened. The parent should take spare clothes for the child with him. The baby can take his favorite bear.

The child will experience the moment of saying goodbye to the parent the most, and this moment must not be extended. Even if the baby starts crying or screaming, he must be left in the care of the teacher. In the first period of going to kindergarten, you can take your child after 3-4 hours of stay in the facility. Parents should not be late to pick up the child, so as not to stress the child. The adaptation period usually lasts several weeks. During this time, it is possible to overcome certain problems, such as reluctance to rest or eat lunch.

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