Where to go on vacation with a child?

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The time of picnics, holiday vacations and weekend trips is approaching. When planning such a trip, you need to remember that children of different ages have different needs and preferences. It is worth adjusting the child's age to the place of travel and properly prepare for it.

1. Where to go on vacation with a baby?

Despite the concerns of many parents, they are dream travel companions. Of course, we do not recommend trips around Egypt, but a vacation with a baby is a great solution. The best time is between 3 and 8 months of age, when the baby is still asleep a lot, does not crawl, does not walk, does not complain, and does not complain. The baby is then after the colic period, he is no longer so defenseless in terms of immunity and very often he feeds exclusively on mother's milk or a milk mixture.

It does not move on its own, which is especially valuable on the beach, and it still weighs relatively little, which is important when we go to the mountains and we have the prospect of a walk with a child on his back. In the suitcase you pack a supply of diapers, your favorite toys, medicines and a health book. The disadvantage of traveling with a child so early is the fact that it does not tolerate temperature differences and the operation of air conditioning.

2. Where to go on vacation with a child from 13 months to 2 years of age?

This is where the trouble begins. Such children are little individualists. They have their own opinion on everything, places they like, they like to be independent and go their own ways. When going on vacation with such a two-year-old, it is worth being patient and not fighting what you cannot fight. Children in this period do not like baby carriers and pushchairs, so going to the mountains, for example, is not an option. I cannot imagine carrying a child over a dozen kilograms up the slopes. Due to demonstrating their independence, the child likes to walk alone, so avoid crowded places where a toddler can easily get lost in the crowd.

3. Where to go on vacation with a preschooler?

Preschool children are very communicative, so it's easy to get along with them. They feel best in the company of their peers, so when planning a trip, do not forget to mention this to your friends with a child of a similar age. It will be much easier for us. Trips with a 2-3 hour walk will also not be scary.

If we go to the water, we do not let our children out of our sight, of course, but it is also easier to explain to such a child that independence in the water is not recommended.

The preschooler knows that he has to be careful not to get lost. And if he doesn't know, it's easy to explain to him. Children at this age are curious about the world, they like to visit, hopefully not for too long, because if they start to whimper, they can spoil the best trip.

4. Where to go on vacation with a school-age child?

They are true travel companions! In this case, we already have a wide range of possibilities: longer bike rides, rafting, hiking in the mountains, sightseeing. They enjoy unfamiliar sports, pioneering hiking, sleeping in a tent, visiting castles and learning about history. When choosing a place, let's take into account the interests of children. It is worth that, in addition to getting to know new places, they can enjoy the trip.

Let's remember to plan such a trip. Let's read about the place we are going, let's refresh our knowledge of history and biology. Children at this age can be very inquisitive. If necessary, let's buy guides. It will be easier for us to control the route.

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