Gymnastics for a preschooler

The concept of gymnastics for preschoolers includes not only traditional gymnastic exercises, but also a number of other sports that can be practiced by a child between the ages of 3 and 6. Sports for children include swimming, tennis, dancing and martial arts. Playing sports by children is extremely important because it has many advantages that have a positive effect on the young body. These are: preventing obesity, strengthening the skeletal system, improving metabolism, shaping a strong will and sports psyche.

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Movement and toddler health

The concept of gymnastics for preschoolers includes not only traditional gymnastic exercises, but ...

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1. Exercises for preschoolers

Are you wondering what are the most suitable gymnastic exercises for preschoolers? What kind of sport should your toddler do? Here are some tips to help you choose a sport for your child:

  • gymnastics - this concept does not necessarily mean traditional gymnastics, i.e. squats or jumps; you can encourage your child to exercise if you show him the characteristic movements of animals or birds - such exercises not only force him to be active, but also stimulate the child's imagination;
  • tennis - practicing this sport makes the toddler learn to run and jump efficiently and focuses his attention on the ball; You can enroll your preschooler for tennis at the age of five - there is a mini-tennis court for younger children;
  • martial arts - contrary to appearances, martial arts do not teach aggression, but control over your own negative emotions and safe fall; martial arts for preschoolers are especially judo and karate;
  • swimming - is a discipline that can be practiced by all preschoolers, even if they cannot swim, because they can use a lifebuoy, wetsuit or special swimming sleeves; swimming is especially suitable for children with posture defects;
  • dance - this discipline has recently become very common on the wave of popularity of TV programs, the main attraction of which is dance, so it is worth taking advantage of this and encouraging your preschooler to this type of activity, because dance has many advantages: it exercises the muscles of the whole body, teaches fluency and coordination of movements, it shapes the sense of rhythm.

2. Sports for children

Sport is an activity that is not exclusive to adults. From an early age, we should accustom the child to regular physical activity in order to protect him from many health problems. Sports for all children have the following benefits for their physical and mental health:

  • prevents overweight and obesity in children;
  • strengthens physical endurance and improves condition;
  • improves the strength of the skeletal system (strengthens joints, improves bone calcification, increases the elasticity of joint capsules);
  • increases respiratory efficiency (increases the range of chest mobility and better oxygenation of the brain);
  • improves metabolism;
  • positively affects the overall better well-being of the child;
  • teaches fair competition;
  • teaches cooperation in a group (team sports for children);
  • motivates the child to persistence and regularity;
  • it is a school of recovering from failure;
  • increases the child's openness to new situations and helps them find themselves in a new situation faster;
  • provides joy and fun;
  • is a great way to spend your free time.

Children between 3 and 6 years old feel a great need to move and act. It is worth using this period to instill in them love for sports.

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