Gordius– name. Origin, meaning, name days, famous people

1. Name day

Gordius celebrates his name day on January 3rd.

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2. Gordius - diminutives

The most popular diminutives are: Gordiuszek, Gordi, Gordini, Gordiusznio, Gordiuszeczek, Gordiszek, Gordiuszi, Gordek, Gori, Godiani.

3. Gordius - origin and meaning

This name is derived from Latin and means a male from Gordion, the capital of Phrygia in Asia Minor.

4. Gordius - equivalents in different languages

  • Latin: Gordius
  • Greek: Gordios.

5. Gordius - famous people with this name

  • Gordius: saint, centurion, died in Caesarea
  • Gordias: a hero in Greek mythology, the eponym of the city
  • Gordion in Phrygia, foster father of Midas, creator of the Gordian knot.

6. Gordius - numerology

The number of the name Gordius is 2.

6.1. Main character traits

The name number 2 bestows a calm and practical nature and an excellent ability to deal with the material world. You can rely on the numerological Two. The number of name 2 is a rather down-to-earth, permanent vibration that values ​​constancy in others. Typical Number Two is self-centered and quite predictable. The numerology of the name 2 inclines to a methodical and planned procedure, which may be assessed by others as unhurried or even slow.

6.2. Competitions

Providing contact with nature, e.g. gardener, agronomist, but also an architect. Strong relationships of numerological Two with matter will also make real estate and banking professions appropriate.

6.3. The elements

The nature of the numerological Two corresponds to the strength of the combined elements of earth and water. Water supplies the fertile earth with vital energy, which gives an abundant harvest. The water perfectly fills all the gaps in the earth, creating a perfect and harmonious combination. Water, which is a symbol of life, in connection with the earth activates and strengthens the space of matter.

6.4. Planets

Planetary Numerological Twos are associated with the influence of the Moon and Venus. These are two celestial bodies, the interaction of which is described as a strong manifestation of female energy. Venus brings gentleness and a willingness to seek understanding with the environment. The moon enhances intuition and sensitivity.

6.5. Seasons

Spring, beginning of summer.

6.6. Months

May, June, September.

6.7. Good days

Monday and Friday.

6.8. Happy dates

The lucky dates for the name number 2 are the ones that will give 6 or 8 after numerological reduction. How to carry out numerological reduction? Examples of reducing a few numbers. The number 19. 1 + 9 = 10. 1 + 0 = 1. The next example is for the number 11. 1 + 1 = 2. Another example for reducing the number 23.2 + 3 = 5 etc.

6.9. Metals

Silver, copper.

6.10. Stones

Agate, a pearl.

6.11. The colors

Gray-blue, green.

6.12. Key

Tone g.

6.13. Plant amulets

Wild rose, orchid.

6.14. Trees

Apple tree, jasmine.

6.15. Animal guides

Dog, sea horse, pigeon.

6.16. Protective runes

Fehu, berkanan.

6.17. Fragrances

Sweet and sensual, hyacinth, lovage and violet.

6.18. Important places

Family home, parks, mansions, museums, oceans, waterfront areas, canteens and restaurants.

6.19. Successful direction


6.20. Family life

Emotional security is provided by a well-functioning family for Two. The two create stable and orderly relationships with their loved ones.

6.21. Development

The period important for the development of Two is between the ages of 3 and 5.

6.22. Matching names

The name Gordius harmonizes with other names, the number of which is 6 or 8. The practical and stable Two will find a common language with the family Six. Together with the Eight, he will be perfectly realized on the material plane.

6.23. Zodiac sign

The name Gordius is perfect for those born in the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Pisces. These signs are considered to be those whose representatives are able to build excellent relations with the environment. They are calm and gentle, which corresponds to the nature of the people named Gordius.

7. Gordius - child

People bearing the name of Gordius in childhood can be an impenetrable mystery to those around them. The world view is somewhat mystical. As children, people named Gordius have a pigeon heart and are easily hurt. They take care of every living thing. There is great sensitivity and empathy. There are strong creative inclinations in youth. In the first years of life, heaven favors those who bear this name, and good fortune helps in difficult situations.

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8. Gordius - decline in life and old age

Gordiusz will spend his last years in a surprising way. Hidden abilities reveal themselves. Incredible sensitivity and empathy lead to spiritual search. Gordius successfully builds self-esteem. Material goods do not play a significant role here.

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