Hodysław– name. Origin, meaning, name days, famous people

1. Name day

Hodyslav celebrates his name day on March 22, December 1 and December 28.

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2. Hodysław - diminutives

The most popular diminutives are: Hodysławek, Hodysławeczek, Hodysławunio, Hodysławinek, Hodysławcio, Hodysławuńcio, Hodysłąwulek, Hodulek, Hodisi, Hodi.

3. Hodysław - origin and meaning

Old Slavic male name, consisting of a part godzi signifying; to do something at the right time ;,; to match, to make it appropriate; and fame meaning; fame ;. It means the one who makes fame. Interesting fact Godzisław, Godosław, Godzsław, and Gocław come from this name.

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