When does summer 2021 start? Countdown to the end of the school year

How many days are left until vacation 2021? The passing school year has been marked by distance learning and despite the return of students to school, most people long for the last bell. When does the vacation start? What will this year's end of the school year be like?

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1. When is the end of the 2020/2021 school year?

With the advent of the first warm days, we miss summer and holidays more and more often. For students, they mean two months of the long-awaited vacation, and for working people, the opportunity to take a vacation and a long-awaited rest.

This year, the end of the school year will take place on June 25, which is in just over a month. This year's high school graduates, who have already completed their school year on April 30, are in an even better situation, but in order to take full advantage of the time off, they still have to pass the secondary school-leaving examination.

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2. Countdown to holidays

How many days until vacation? Until the summer break, exactly:

  • 5 weeks;
  • 36 days;
  • 26 days without weekends!

So we can say that the holiday is just around the corner!

3. How long will the vacation be?

The 2021 summer vacation starts on June 26 and runs until August 31, meaning students will have exactly 67 days off. This year's holidays will be slightly shorter than last year's, which lasted a week longer - 74 days.

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4. What will this year's end of the school year be like?

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the exact information about the end of the school year has not yet been released.

Considering, however, that from the end of May, all age groups will return to full-time education, one can hope that the end of the year will be held in a traditional way, within the walls of the school, of course with sanitary regime.

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