Saints' names, sacred female and male names

Choosing a name for a child is a real challenge for parents. After all, it accompanies a person throughout his life. Some people choose a holy name, believing that the patron will watch over the child. Also during confirmation, we choose the name of the saint to look after us. What are the most famous holy names?

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1. The most popular holy names for girls and boys

A saint is a person who has contributed to the Catholic or Orthodox Church with his life. He is a role model, someone who lived by principles and values. Saints are worshiped, we pray to them, believing that they patronize the most important things in life. Below we have collected the most popular saint names for girls and boys.

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2. Sacred female names in alphabetical order

How to choose a nice name for a girl? Below we present some bold female names. You can get inspired.

  • Agata - the faithful pray to Saint Agatha when there is a danger of fire or fire. He patronizes chimney sweeps, nurses and nursing mothers.
  • Agnieszka - patronizes young couples, virgins, scouts and gardeners.
  • Anna - the patron saint of mothers, housewives, widows, sailors and sailors.
  • Apolonia - patroness of dentists.
  • Barbara - patronizes architects, miners, soldiers, bricklayers, sappers and prisoners.
  • Bernadette - the patroness of shepherds.
  • Bridget - the patron saint of pilgrims.
  • Dorota - patroness of brides.
  • Elżbieta - the patroness of mothers and wives.
  • Emilia - the patroness of large families.
  • Faustina - it is said that she is a patron of hard times.
  • Genowefa - the patroness of virgins.
  • Helena - patron of dyers, needle and nail manufacturers.
  • Jacinta - patroness of the sick.
  • Honorata - patronizes merchants and traders.
  • Izabela - patron of the Claristine Sisters.
  • Jadwiga - the patron saint of Poland and Silesia.
  • Joanna - patron of working mothers.
  • Jolanta - she is credited with favors in difficult births and postpartum diseases.
  • Julia - the patroness of the Catholic and Orthodox Church.
  • Karolina - patron of the Movement of Pure Hearts, Catholic Youth and Abused Association.
  • Katarzyna - patron of the sick.
  • Kinga - the patron saint of miners.
  • Klara - the patron of radio and television.
  • Krystyna - the patron saint of millers,
  • Lidia - the patron saint of dyers.
  • Łucja - patronizes the blind, asking for help with eye diseases and writers.
  • Maria - the patron saint of all women, especially those who have or plan to have children.
  • Małgorzata - the patron of infertile and giving birth women.
  • Marta - the patroness of housewives.
  • Monika - the patroness of widows.
  • Matylda - the patroness of the false accused.
  • Monika - the patron saint of women, mothers, widows, married women and those in trouble.
  • Natalia - the patroness of married couples and farmers who grow flax.
  • Regina - the patron saint of carpenters.
  • Rozalia - the patroness who protects against plague, as well as from infectious diseases.
  • Rose - the patroness of America.
  • Teresa - patron of the Carmelite and Teresian orders, as well as those suffering from AIDS.
  • Urszula - the patron saint of teachers.
  • Weronika - the patron saint of washerwomen.
  • Zdzisława - the patroness of wives and mothers.

3. Sacred male names in alphabetical order

When choosing a name for a boy, it makes sense to use the list of holy names.

  • Adam - patron of the suffering and the poor.
  • Andrzej - patron of lovers and Slavic nations.
  • Antoni - patron of lost people and things.
  • Adrian - patron of prison guards.
  • Bartholomew - the patron saint of craftsmen, is also called in in case of nervous diseases, convulsions and skin diseases.
  • Bernard - patronizes mountaineers.
  • Błażej - patron of doctors.
  • Benedict - patron of Europe.
  • Bruno - patron of the insane.
  • Dionysius - the patron saint of headaches and migraines.
  • Dominic - patron of astronomers.
  • Damian - patron of pharmacists and pharmacists.
  • Fabian - patron of potters.
  • Florian - patron of firefighters and chimney sweeps.
  • Francis - the patron saint of ecologists.
  • Filip - patron of confectioners
  • Grzegorz - patron of pupils, students and teachers.
  • Gabriel - patron of postal workers and philatelists.
  • Hubert - patron of sleepwalkers and people suffering from epilepsy.
  • Henryk - the patron of Finland.
  • Ignacy - patron of mothers expecting children and giving birth to women.
  • Jan - patron of virgins, pharmacists.
  • Jakub - the patron saint of pilgrims.
  • Joachim - patron of marriages and gravediggers.
  • Jerzy - the patron saint of wanderers, miners, soldiers, blacksmiths, coopers, artists, prisoners as well as scouts and scouts.
  • Joseph - patron of the Universal Church.
  • Kajetan - patron of the Theatine Order.
  • Krzysztof - the patron of drivers.
  • Kamil - patron of the sick and hospitals.
  • Leon - patron of musicians and singers.
  • Ludwik - patron of beggars.
  • Łukasz - patron of surgeons, painters, sculptors, graphic artists, historians, notaries and goldsmiths.
  • Maciej - patron of the Catholic and Orthodox Church.
  • Michał - patron of policemen, soldiers and pilgrims.
  • Nicholas - the patron saint of young ladies, sailors, bakers and the poor.
  • Maksymilian - patron of abstainers.
  • Marcin - patron of tailors.
  • Marek - patron of lawyers
  • Nicodemus - patron of those who seek the truth.
  • Paweł - patron of the Catholic press, theologians and pastors.
  • Piotr - the patron of fishermen.
  • Patryk - patron of hairdressers.
  • Rafał - patron of doctors, travelers, pilgrims, who discern the way of life, looking for a husband / wife.
  • Robert - patron of catechists.
  • Stanisław - the patron of Poland.
  • Szczepan - patron of bricklayers, tailors, stonemasons, weavers, and carpenters.
  • Sebastian - patron of those suffering from infectious diseases, war invalids, hunters, gardeners, firefighters, shooters, soldiers.
  • Seweryn - patron of vineyard owners.
  • Szymon - patron of dyers, potters, gravediggers and welders.
  • Tymon - the patron saint of sculptors.
  • Tomasz - patron of schools.
  • Walenty - patron of epileptics.
  • Wojciech - patron of Poland.

Remember that choosing a name for a child is a life-long decision, so it is worth considering carefully whether the given name will suit our child.

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