How to write a private and official letter?

Today, many people ask themselves how to write a letter. A few years ago we didn't have a problem with that, because this kind of utility statement was common. Today, this type of correspondence has been replaced by e-mails and various types of communicators, but sometimes it is necessary to write a classic letter. How to do it correctly?

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We ship fewer than we used to, but you still need to know how to write a letter. This form of expression has several fixed elements, which include:

  • a beginning and ending part, which is most often limited to conventional polite forms, e.g. Dear Madam, Sincerely,
  • the middle of the letter, that is nothing but the content communicated to the addressee.

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1. How to write a private letter?

Currently, private letters are mostly replaced by other forms of interpersonal communication (SMS, chats, instant messaging). Their specificity is a topic for another article. The traditional letter has a slightly different formula. In the case of private correspondence, the sender addresses the addressee who is known to him. The principle of courtesy applies here.

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In a private letter, depending on its nature, various types of statements are used: abstract, short story, description and characteristics.

When writing a letter, it is very important to establish the degree of familiarity between the sender and the recipient. How we edit it will depend on it. We write to our best friend differently than to our supervisor.

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1.1. Examples of headings in a private letter:

  • Dear friend!
  • Gretel!
  • Dear Ola!
  • Dear Mrs. Ewa!
  • Dear Mrs. Ewa!
  • Venerable Professor!

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1.2. Final formulas in a private letter:

  • I finish and greet you!
  • Hug!
  • I kiss!
  • I bow my bow!
  • I join greetings!
  • I am sincerely kind

2. How to write an official letter?

An official (official) letter is addressed to public figures, sometimes unknown (undefined), or institutions. It is characterized by brevity, has a specific lexis and phraseology. It also has a strictly defined graphic layout, which requires the sender, addressee, date and signature to be provided.

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The name and surname of the sender and their contact details (address, telephone number, and sometimes e-mail) are placed in the upper left corner. In the upper right corner we write the date and the place where we write the letter. Below, on the right, we write down the addressee of the letter.

Importantly, the official letter should have the sender's and the recipient's address details both on the envelope and in the letter itself. If we attach documents to it, they should be specified (we then write, for example: I enclose the birth certificate of Jan Kowalski to the letter).

A separate type of letter is a cover letter, which contains elements of application and self-presentation. Then we save our advantages that may be useful for a given position.

Writing letters is a thing of the past for some. However, there are people who still prefer this type of contact.

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