How to deal with a decline in immunity?

None of us like to get sick. Children go through this time especially hard. Due to a cold or flu, they cannot play with their peers, they have to stay at home and be bored for a few days. It is also a problematic period for parents. Therefore, in order to avoid frequent illnesses, it is worth preventing diseases in the first place. So let's take care of strengthening the child's immunity.

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1. Why does our immunity weaken in autumn?

When the weather worsens outside the window, our health often worsens. There are especially long lines for children's doctors. Colds, flu, pneumonia - these diseases can keep a toddler in bed for days. Why do we struggle with various diseases in the fall and winter months?

This is because there are more factors that trigger a decline in immunity. The air temperature is falling, it is raining and snowing, our clothes are soaked. We leave heated rooms to cool air. This makes it easier to catch a disease. In addition, our diet is not rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, as in summer.

Our body does not have enough strength to fight dangerous germs. In addition, there is also contact with other people who may have weakened immunity. If a child goes to kindergarten or school, it is almost certain that he will catch a disease at least once during the fall or winter.

2. How to strengthen immunity?

Despite the fact that fall and winter are not conducive to strengthening immunity, there are effective ways to deal with diseases during this time. First of all, we should remember to provide the child's body with the necessary nutrients.

Very often it seems to us that, since it is cool outside, our menu may include fatty or sweet foods more often - after all, they give us an energetic kick. Meanwhile, it is much better to put on an easily digestible diet.

Encourage your family to eat whole grain bread, fresh fruit (if possible), vegetables (can be steamed), sea fish. It's a good idea to add some onion and garlic to your meal from time to time - it's best to do this so that your little one does not notice. These are natural antibiotics that will help us fight disease. We should also make sure that the child drinks fluids frequently. Thanks to this, we will moisturize the respiratory tract.

After a delicious and light meal, we should take care of the condition of our child. The chill outside doesn't force you to stay indoors. Let us take a short walk, at least. Let's also make sure that the toddler gets enough sleep and is refreshed.

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