How to raise resourceful Zosia and enterprising Staś, or how to raise a child to become a leader?

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As parents, we dream about our child being independent, entrepreneurial and achieving his goals. We simply want her to have a good and happy life. So what qualities should we cultivate in our child to make these dreams come true? What can we do to raise the future leader and how can the character of Zosia Iskierka become our inspiration?

In preschool and school age, children's strengths and weaknesses begin to crystallize. This time is the moment of working on improving their competences. It is our role as parents to identify and develop strengths in such a way that our children will be successful in the future. So how do you raise a child to be successful in your professional life as a leader?

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First of all, in order to help the child be an open and enterprising person in the future, we should allow him / her to be independent. It is obvious that as parents we want to protect our children. However, we should remember that children who cannot play with their peers outside the house, who have never stripped their skin from their knee, have not had a tumor, will suffer from more phobias in the future than the average person. If we eliminate the threat from the child's life, it is likely that the child will become arrogant and have low self-esteem.

It is worth noting that independence is not only resourcefulness related to getting dressed or tying shoes. Independence is also the autonomy of thinking. She appears quite early and first at home. Children begin to argue, negotiate when they don't want to go to sleep, and decide what they want to wear and eat. Of course, these daily verbal skirmishes are exhausting, but they are the basis of how our children identify their ideas and learn to express them out loud. Psychologists tell us that it is perfectly okay to talk to your child about what he or she wants and why. Even if it concerns the little things. If a child is clear about what he wants, it will be easier for him to communicate and defend his opinion outside the home.

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It is very important to build our child's self-esteem. Make him aware of his strengths and weaknesses. Such knowledge will mobilize them to take up new challenges, thanks to which they will not give up after the first failure. It will keep trying to get what it intended. Let the child find out what he is good at and what he is not at and encourage him to develop his talents.

A good leader, a good leader should also be characterized by great empathy. He should notice the feelings of others, listen to them and understand them. And base your actions on them. Only fully understanding the needs and feelings of the other person will allow him to take the right direction when his goal is the common good. Therefore, if we want our child not to be focused only on receiving, we should teach him to be empathetic and sensitive to people's needs. This will allow children to develop better and more lasting relationships in the future.

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An important trait of leaders is also the ability to solve quickly and effectively problems. For your child to learn this skill, you need to let them solve problems in their own way. Don't do it indefinitely. Let them look for presentation materials themselves. He can also ask his colleagues for notebooks if he or she has not been at school due to illness. It is also worth that parents do not interfere in every conflict between their children. The vast majority of disputes can be perfectly resolved among themselves. Of course, we must not leave a child with a problem that overwhelms them.

Learning to work in a team is also a great training for future leaders. Much is said now about the value of cooperation. Children will develop them while working on group projects. We can also encourage them to practice sport as a team, in which cooperation with other players from the team contributes to the success of the entire group. At home, we can reach for cooperative games, where the family plays together and not against each other - for example, the board game "Little detectives".

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Good literature and art provide many great examples of how to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. I can recommend everyone to watch it with a clear conscience such films as "In Pursuit of Happiness" or "The Dreamer". However, when it comes to books, I recommend your attention to the newest book by the writing and illustrator duo Andrea Beata and David Roberts with the graceful title "Zosia Iskierka, the future leader". It is an amazing, inspiring story about the fact that a drop bites the rock, and the world will not change by itself, but we have to help it a bit.

Who is Zosia? Zosia Iskierka is a born community worker with a big heart. She does what she can for the people around her. Not only does he help his beloved grandfather, he also visits elderly neighbors, rakes leaves, takes the dogs for walks, and much more. Unfortunately, one day her grandfather accidentally falls in a garbage dump and sprains his leg. Zosia comes up with an idea to build a park in the place of a smelly dump. He decides to go to the town hall on this matter. There, however, he hears that he cannot build a park because he is only a child. The refusal does not discourage her at all, because Sophie knows well that each change starts with one person. And it doesn't matter if it's an adult or a second-grader.

The book by the American-English authors duo is beautifully illustrated (I was captivated by the little shaggy dog ​​Zosia, Puppy). With each page of this story, we feel closer to the heroine, we follow the adventures and we keep our fingers crossed for her.

I read the book about Zosia Iskierka in one breath, because for years I have been a volunteer myself and I am involved in the life of the local community. I also observe how my friends' children, who took their first steps in volunteering by helping us, are now able to successfully implement large projects on which they care and are able to encourage people to work together. I also know who I will give the book about Zosia Iskierka for Christmas. I believe that my niece will become such a little leader in a few years.

Let us remember that our words should be followed by actions. We should be an example for our children, teach them to be responsible for a given word. If we commit ourselves to something, let's not avoid the consequences and remember that young people are careful observers.

What can we do together with the children to awaken their community spirit? Of course, let's start with the book "Zosia Iskierka, the future leader". Then let's get the whole family involved in one of the charity actions, such as the action "a penny", collecting plastic caps, buying food for a nearby shelter. Let this be the beginning of your family adventure. Doing good together will not only develop empathy in your children, but will also help them to become open to other, entrepreneurial and successful adults in the future. The Kinderkulka Publishing House book is available at


Beata Sawoń - a health, upbringing and teaching psychologist by profession, for many years associated with the publishing industry. The author of articles on upbringing in the parenting press and on portals for parents. Privately, a lover of books, handicrafts and Nordic walking, as well as a social activist, president of the Marecki Klub Kobiet z Pasią Foundation.

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