Chestnut men. How to make them?

Chestnut figures and acorns are typical autumn decorations for a child's room. To make them, of course, you need chestnuts, leaves, twigs and acorns, which you can collect during your autumn walk. Out of these treasures of autumn, we can make not only people, but also various creatures and animals. They will provide us with great fun for long autumn evenings.

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1. What do you need to make chestnut figures?

One of the oldest and most popular fall games a few years ago, which most adults know from their childhood. It stimulates the imagination and gives a lot of joy, and making chestnut figures is not difficult at all!

When you go for an autumn walk, think about what kind of people you will want to make. Thanks to advance plans, it will be easier to choose the right materials.

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To prepare our men, you will need:

  • chestnuts;
  • shells from chestnuts and nuts;
  • acorns;
  • colored leaves;
  • cones;
  • elderberries, rowan, hawthorn and rose hips;
  • pieces of bark;
  • toothpicks;
  • matches with cut sulfur.

If on the way you come across something that can be additionally useful for making chestnut men, go ahead - take it with you. What they will ultimately be made of is up to you!

2. How to make chestnut figures?

Traditionally, we make chestnut men this way:

We drill small holes in the chestnut and in the acorn. We can do it with a sharp tool or e.g. a screwdriver. Put matches or toothpicks into the drilled holes.

We make the man's hands from rosehips, the nose from hawthorn and lilac eyes. In order for the man to stand firmly on the ground, let's look for two flat chestnuts to make his feet. Ready!

Of course, we can not only make people out of our treasures of autumn. We can make them small boats, animals or other decorations.

We can also make figures more durable, but also a bit more complicated, using hot glue:

Instead of toothpicks, we use hot glue, only for this you will absolutely need the help of an adult. A hot glue gun costs about PLN 10 and you should be extremely careful not to burn yourself. We do the rest of the stick just like in the case of those made with the traditional method.

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3. How to play with chestnut men?

When the men are ready, we can place them on a flat basket, lined with colorful leaves and place them in the child's room.

We can use our people to create a theater, we can also give them names, thanks to which they will not be anonymous. Everything really depends on your creativity and inventiveness. Have fun!

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